Here – Take My Strong Haaaand…

Ha, I’ve never even seen Scary Movie. I just remember pretending to love it when everyone else was banging on about it all the time. However, this quote still makes me chuckle. I can’t remember who, but I used to repeat this an awful lot for larfs with one of my friends. Identify yourselves! Who was it?! More importantly though, I went to the gym this morning. About bloody time. Seriously, I think I’ve been twice since Christmas. Woops. Anyway, I decided to do some upper body work. PAHAHAHAHA. Then my arms just laughed in my face and said how about no? Unless we are lifting chips to your gob we ain’t doing nuffin’. Bastard bloody upper body strength. It has DESERTED me.


I used to be able to do unassisted dips. Well not any more! Now we are struggling with 30kg assistance. Laaaaaaaame. It’s totes fine though. I will get stronger again. I am giving myself a month to get my strooong haaaaaaaaand game back on point.


I was pretty pumped this morning when my alarm went off at 6:45am. I think my mind and my body had FINALLY admitted defeat in the face of having to get up. It has won the battle of the snooze button for the past few weeks (ahem… months) but I think we may finally be reaching a mutual agreement. Sometimes I just really really don’t wanna train though. Y’know? Sometimes there is Netflix and sweat pants and central heating and cups of tea. Bah.


Not any more though, or rather not every morning from now on. I have committed myself to doing SOMETHING every day (except Monday which will be the rest day from now on). Even if it is 15 minutes in the gym doing some HIIT on the bike. It is better than nothing and it will get me back into the routine. About time. OH MY GOD SHUT UP SMUG LITTLE VOICE IN MY HEAD – YES I KNOW I HAVE BEEN LAZY – PIPE DOWN – WE ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW OK?


If you follow me on Instagram you will see I have seriously stepped up the chicken burger game. I fear I will never eat anything else besides these round patties of joy. 50% thigh meat + 50% breast meat + spring onions + bread crumbs + garlic cloves + splash of milk all blitzed together. Hell fire they are unreal. Especially with my rekindled obsession for soda bread. I am going to have it AGAIN for dinner tonight.

download (3)

Oh and we have some exciting new people reading! Hello to Laura and Holly (Kate you already got a mention I’m afraid). Get this too – Laura has signed up to do a Half Ironman this year. #LAD. She will be competing in the same event as my other half (he is aiming for Kona qualification so will be doing the full distance). I will be on the sidelines this year with the banners and the McDonald’s at the finish line. Hurrah. Seriously though, whenever someone gets in touch to say hello and let me know they are reading this it makes my day. Really really awesome to hear what people think of the rubbish (ahem I mean serious conversation) I spout.


Oh and by the way, see how it’s Burns Night on Monday? Haggis is the traditional dish right? But Haggis is minging. WRONG. Just very quickly. Do you eat wafer thin ham? Do you eat chicken products like chicken slices etc? If the answer is yes then you may want to shut me up now. If you do some brief research into what constitutes these products you will probably be fairly shocked to find bones, cartilage, sinew, connective tissue and various other yummy bits of an animal. Now at least with Haggis you know what you are getting. So if you’ve never tried it give it a go. No it isn’t six pack goal food but it’s nay as bad as ye think pal ay? (Bit of Scottish for you there). Plus it tastes lush. Bit like spicy mince?

Mechanically Separated Meat 2
This is chicken nugget slime… FYI

Anyway, to conclude (oh my god awful memories of writing essays in school and using that phrase), TO CONCLUDE:

  1. I am back in the gym 6 days a week alternating between lower body strength sessions, upper body strength sessions, HIIT (High intensity cardio) sessions, LISS (Low intensity cardio) sessions
  2. I am using myfitnesspal app to record my daily diet. I am aiming for a balance of around 40% protein, 35% fat and 25% carbs (thus far keeping my fat %%% is proving the biggest challenge, I just love dem avocados)
  3. I am trying to drink 3L of water a day again – got my 1L water bottle on my desk at work
  4. I am trying to maintain a healthy balance between all of the above and a fun lifestyle e.g. it was my best friends engagement lunch on Saturday afternoon. I had about 3 glasses of prosecco, 3 glasses of red wine and a 3 course lunch whereupon the main course was a steak sandwich with truffle fries. Ha. Not very balanced, but absolutely worth it


So there we go! Latest update for you. I also de-cluttered my kitchen at the weekend. I am now a lean mean food prepping machine. I need to get the cakes back on the agenda though. I think that will be a Friday job.

images (2)

If you have goals for the year then get in touch.


Keep walking or running or gymming or yoga’ing as much as possible and eating that veg and living that fun life now and again. No one likes a boring babe.

Och aye! C xx

Here – Take My Strong Haaaand…

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