Simple Pleasures

Sounds a bit dodge doesn’t it? It’s not meant to. Maybe I have just been hanging out with dirty minded people for too long…


I’m not doing very well at regular writing am I? It seems to be a bit stop start at the minute. A bit like my enthusiasm for healthy food and gym sessions. I had an absolute tantrum last week. I don’t know what is going on with me but I just CANNOT…BE…ARSED on more occasions than I care to admit at the minute. For example, last week, in the gym, lifting heavier on the leg press than ever before, texting the boyf “wahoo – I am DEAD strong”… ten minutes later, nuh, can’t be bothered, going home. I felt like some party pooper little child. I could only have been in there 20 minutes. I spoke to a few friends and the consensus seems to be a lack of direction/routine and no real goal in sight. I guess that makes sense…


So, to relate this current phenomenon of “nah… going home to watch Breaking Bad for the second time” to the title above, I am stripping things right back and keeping things super simple. Apparently trying to go to the gym every day at the minute is just exhausting my enthusiasm for it. So, instead, I am going to do THREE gym sessions a week which will focus my energy into each session and make me say “yessss training tonight” and then I can swim or run or yoga on the other days. One upper body, one lower body, one functional strength (jumping onto boxes and such). I am also going to try and strip things back on the food front.


I was visiting the boyfs grandparents over the weekend. I love visiting them, such lovely people and it is great to get out of London sometimes. They have been following a special diet to try and improve their health and the book they are using is really very good. I won’t go into a ton of details but basically it focuses on the health of your gut and specifically the bacteria that exists there. It just got me thinking about some of the things I have been consuming recently… Diet soft drinks, low calorie hot chocolate amongst other things. Obviously it goes without saying that these aren’t brilliant for us but actually it was really interesting how certain foods etc can mess up our digestive systems. Anyway – point being – I am going to try and focus on the whole food approach again.

download (1)
Maybe not quite as bad…

I went food shopping yesterday, as I generally do on a Sunday. Treated myself to Waitrose because I wanted Total 0% and quark and Lidl simply don’t stock them, urgh. Looking around the chicken aisle and they do three WHOLE chickens for £10. That’s terrible isn’t it? But I justified the chicken’s happiness by telling myself it was Waitrose and they were therefore likely to be RSPCA Farm Assured etc etc. I hope anyway. Bought said chickens and roasted ALL THREE in a one-er last night. Let them cool and then stripped all the meat off and popped it into a tupperware box. That’s now lunch and dinner every day this week. Winner. Lunch today was so simple I thought it would be insanely boring. Actually in reality it was nicer than a lot of lunches I have had recently. Bag of salad leaves, 4 baby plum tomatoes, a chicken breast (when you learn to cook chicken so it is still juicy you are really winning at life) and a dollop of reduced fat hummus. BAD. Bought hummus?! Get a grip Cat you have a magimix. Make it yourself. Yes well I was tired and aspects of “nah I am going home to watch Netflix” were still on my mind. So yeah – lunch was winner! Hummus as a salad dressing is awesome.


For whatever reason I can’t stop thinking about bloody Maria from The Sound Of Music today. I think it’s because I saw someone’s status on facebook talking about snowflakes that stay on their nose and eyelashes. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Shut up shut up shut up. That then led me to think of brown paper packages tied up with string (kill me now) which made me think of simple pleasures which made me want to write this blogster.


Boyf – hate that word, must use his real name – CHRIS asked me what my next blog would be about. I said “cake”. I lied. On the subject of cake though another megafriend (Beth – hiya) suggested I start baking protein goodies and then selling them to friends etc that want to have their cake and eat it. So to speak. In that manner here is a list of my current creations and you can let me know if you like the sound of them.

  • Chocolate Brownie Protein Loaf
  • Blueberry Vanilla Protein Loaf
  • Banana Protein Bread

These are my three foolproof recipes that I constantly go back to. If, however, you have a particular treat that you want turned into a protein health creation then let me know and I will get in the kitchen and do some experimenting. I still need to try the protein carrot cake thing.

download (2)

My friend Abi moves to London this weekend. The lassy I met during Ironman Wales training. It looks like swimming, cycling and running are going to be firmly back on the cards. Maybe that will stop me nesting in my blankets on the sofa quite so much. Oh and my facebook friend Sadie is contemplating entering the world of triathlon too! Apparently inspired by my Ironman written ramblings. Very cool indeed.

Mr White disagrees Yo…

Cake pictures in the next post or no post at all.

Ciao. XX

Simple Pleasures

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