Does Cheese Give You Nightmares?

I don’t mean “do you have sleepless nights filled with human eating babybels” but I have had a few people tell me now that eating cheese before bedtime can cause nightmares. Pretty sure that’s nonsense to be honest…


My final words to the boyfriend last night were “I am DEFINITELY going to the gym in the morning – I will text you when I am in there at 7am”. Alarm went off at 6:30am… aaaaaaaaaaand I didn’t get up. My reasoning? I had had 8 hours of absolute mental TERROR thanks to my completely ridiculous subconscious. Last night my dreams consisted of using the fire exit in Sports Direct and being held captive at the store managers home whilst being made to throw a huge weight attached to a long rope across her living room. Then when they got bored of that they decided to put the kids cuddly toy UP the chimney. Then the whole living room caught fire and the gas pipes started to explode. Turns out my subconscious based this in Newcastle suburbs so next thing I know I am running through an exploding gas fiery hell hole towards the train. The train is going to Wales. Not much use to me. I need to get to Hexham! Get off the train and wait for a taxi. Whilst waiting for a taxi I find a baby lamb and start feeding it water from some weird little cup. Taxi turns out to be a 4×4 with a livestock trailer attached. Very handy. Oh no wait there’s Mum and Dad. Give lamb to total stranger and “DING DONG DING DONG” oh that’s my alarm going off to go to the gym. No thanks. Think I’ll sleep for a bit and try and calm my mental head. Oh wait that’s not gonna happen? Ok awesome.


For real – I am exhausted just remembering this. Can someone find out how to stop nightmares? There must be something? Anyway, moving on (poor baby lamb with total strangers). So I didn’t go to the gym and last night I had Pizza (Deliveroo will NOT let me be lean) with Lizi and when I put all of yesterday’s food into myfitnesspal I had consumed around 3500kcals. Awesome. Good work Cat. You absolute beast. So today I was back to “well I could just eat NOTHING for two days and smash the gym and that might help”…. Don’t be ridiculous Cat, that’s a shocking idea. Just eat normally and get over it. So that is what I am going to do… Aaaaaaaand I’m going to go to the gym tonight. Seriously. I mean it.


What a change from this time last year eh?! This time last year I was training for THREE HOURS EVERY DAY. Mental. Whatever. I will get back to it over the next few weeks.

So I think I’ve found a good carrot cake recipe. Gonna try it out tonight. Maybe. Probably not but I will DEFINITELY try it out over the next few days. I need a good kick up the arse at the minute. Maybe it’s because the bathroom at home needs cleaning. A mucky house makes a mucky mind for me. No not the fun mucky mind. The “urgh my bathroom is a mess so why bother with anything” kind of mucky mind. How OCD is that? Ha. What a freak.


I’ve got an awesome dinner tonight though. Did you see the chicken burgers I made the other night? Ooft they were good. Better than any McChickenblerghblergh. Anyway I have ONE left in the fridge so I’m going to chop it in half to make two discs and then I’m going to top it with spinach and poached eggs! PHWOAR. Lushness. Can’t wait. Especially since it will be post weights and HIIT so I’ll be feeling like a lean mean training machine again instead of some psycho Sports Direct Door Policy Criminal.

download (1)

Taking my bike for a service tomorrow too. Looks like I will be back on it this weekend. Should be interesting. I haven’t touched it since Ironman. Ha. OH MY GOD! I did my yoga DVD this week! It was actually SO good! Ok I’m not exactly pretzel pose ready but it was nice and I am going to do it a lot more often. Highly recommended!


Funny how being out of weights and regular gym sessions for so long can make you feel like a total beginner all over again. But fear not. I know what I am doing. Dips and chins and leg press and all manner of rowing and bike intervals. Wahoo. I need new music. Some kind of dancey electro crap. Someone send me some good stuff? Muchos appreciatododos


C xxx

Does Cheese Give You Nightmares?

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