Carrot Girl

I just Googled this term and according to Urban Dictionary it means I am trashy with fake tan and white hair and horrid tacky clothes. They’ve been spying on me again dammit.

Fortunately I am talking about vegetables and not fake tan. I just had lunch and it was probably 60% grated carrot. I love grated carrot. There’s something about it. When I used to go to Pizza Hut (only Franco Manca these days luv) and hit up the salad bar I used to mainline the pasta salad but ALSO the grated carrot! Weird. If only I had stuck to the carrot…

If someone does this and sends me a picture I will pay for their salad…

So as I mentioned last week I got a food processor for Christmas. It was mad expensive and I don’t expect ANYONE to be shelling out the £££’s for one of these (my uncle got discount from the store he works in #playa) but if you want to make your life a lot easier (and let’s face it – more fun) then I seriously recommend getting one. I grated 1kg of carrots into submission in around 2 minutes. I was so excited I even showed Erin when she walked into the kitchen (no wonder she is moving out – sniff).

images (3)
Took me longer to switch it on that it did to grate the damn carrot

Carrots are cool man. Seriously. Don’t be turning your nose up at them! We don’t like those boiled mushy mingers. We like freshly grated or roasted with honey and butter or baked into a cake. Oooh actually that’s a good idea. I bet I can come up with a carrot cake recipe that won’t turn me into Jabba. (I don’t even like Star Wars but that guy is not a role model).

It WILL work

So my weekend was good! I went to visit Chris’s family in Portsmouth. What a bunch of crackers they are… AND they have dogs AND they live near horses. Sigh. One day I will buy a pony again #poorlittlewhitegirl. Anyway, it was lovely and I got “nanny” cooking. ‘Cor I love nanny cooking. “Would you like a snack?” – “No no honestly I’m fine” – “I’ll just make some pancakes for you all” – WAAAAAAAA amazing! I love pancakes. I am definitely doing better at embracing the happy healthy balance thing. As an experiment I tracked all the food I ate over the weekend (except for the romantic pub steak dinner – that one just got demolished with a glass of red). So the point is, if I don’t throw caution to the wind and adopt a “f**k it I’ve let myself down so may as well eat everything and anything” attitude it is actually not so hard to enjoy a weekend of “treats” and not completely obliterate your efforts to maintain a strong/lean body composition. Happy Days.



Ok so a diet of Haribo, pancakes and crispy aromatic duck is not exactly green juice and steamed cod but it was damn tasty and I had a fab time! Even trotted round a little 4km loop with the boyf (he’s dead good… tell’s me I am doing really well when in reality I am running 10 minute miles for 4000m… whatever – it was better than nothing).


So moving on to a new week. I have been chatting about my spiralizer a lot more with fellow fan Aimee Adams. She pointed me in the direction of some killer recipes so tonight I am making… wait for it…. “SLUTTY PASTA”. Here is the recipe –

Along with my courgette dream dinner I am attempting my new yoga dvd… this should be interesting. Jenny T is coming over so I will get her to take some pictures. I haven’t done yoga in over 6 months so I would imagine it will go something like this…


I think that’s enough for today. Oooh no wait! I got an amazing email from a lovely girl called Kate last week. I’ve never met her but she read my entire blog and gave lovely feedback via email so Kate if you are reading – THANKS!

To the rest of you I think we will write about some more recipes later this week. Maybe we should look at cake again? It’s been AGES and Poundland have amaaaaaaaaazing cake baking stuff for…. £1 each. Seriously though you gotta go get some.

download (6)

Au revoir de la jeune fille de carotte (Goodbye from the carrot girl according to Google translate… man I love Google.)


Carrot Girl

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