Stop changing stuff

WordPress has changed the layout of my blank writing space. This frustrates me. In the same way it frustrates me when Facebook changes the layout of their home page. Or city councils put up roadworks so you can’t drive down the road you need. Why? You buttheads. If it ain’t broke don’t change it. Fix it? I dunno. Whatever that saying is. That’s the one I mean.


I read a good article today from Precision Nutrition. I am going to steal some quotes from it (calm down plagiarism police – I’ll put the link up as well)…

Every day, we hear stories like these:

  • The celebrity who lost 50 pounds… “simply” by giving up gluten, going vegetarian, and working with a personal trainer seven days a week.
  • The 400-pound client who was boot-camped into shape on reality TV.
  • The blogger who discovered ultimate health and wellness by “only”  swearing off sugar, giving up wine, becoming a yogi and maintaining a constant Instagram halo of serenity.

Who wants to change everything about their lives?

Who wants to be told that everything they love and hold dear is wrong, poison, toxic… and should be replaced by sheer hard work?

And so, surrounded by all these examples, most of us quietly give up on health and fitness, before we even start.

That’s a shame.

This is brilliant. At this point of time I could not agree more. It is a friggin’ daunting thought that we have to change EVERYTHING to improve our bodies/mindsets etc (because mental muscle is as good as body muscle – I made that up – I think it’s quite good). Sometimes, as Precision Nutrition goes on to say, we just have to make little changes. A few of them. Keep doing them and things start to change without you feeling a huge sense of loss.


Remember ages ago I said I was all or nothing? Well I think I am mellowing in my old age (actually I am just a lot more chilled since Ironman). I am finally learning to enjoy life but still maintain my “healthy/lean/fit” habits. Whatever you want to call them. For example I went out for drinks last night, woke up this morning feeling grim but necked my various supplements (omega oils, 1000mg Vit C, Green Tea tablets x 2, probiotic capsule, amino acid tablet, multivitamin tablet, magnesium tablet – NOT necessary for most people but I am trying to rebuild my bodies internal strength and immunity after I demolished it with over training and chronic fatigue – ha). Then I filled my water bottle with warm water and popped some lemon slices in it before setting off to work with my prepped breakfast and lunch for the day.

download (2)

Now a year or so ago I would have written today off as Pret baguettes and twenty lattes day. I would imagine I am not the only one? It’s funny how we can adapt over time.


I think I am going through some kind of epiphany lately. I seem to be having lots of thoughts about slowing down in life and not beating myself up mentally 24/7. How very refreshing. I really hope this resonates with anyone reading this though. Otherwise I am sitting here writing shite to no one.

download (3)

On the theme of changing though. I have changed some of my food prep! And I know a few of you wanted to know some more things I do. So, the new one for winter is……..

Oven roasted carrots, spinach, protein. Now this sounds boring as hell but I can’t face any more avocado prawn concoctions. It’s damn cold outside and I want Christmas dinner 24/7 for the next 4 weeks. As a result at the start of the week I made this:


Chantenay carrots (the ickle little ones), tipped them into a roasting pan, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (not loads) and a big pinch of sea salt. Roasted them in the oven at 200 degrees for around 40 minutes. Tipped into a Tupperware box to cool.

I had three beef burgers left and I didn’t want greasy burgers all week. I pulled the mince apart, rolled them into teeny little meatballs and pan fried (no need for oil) before tipping into a sieve to drain the excess fat.

Each morning this week I have filled a big Tupperware box with raw spinach leaves, some meatballs and some carrots. I get to work and at lunch time I chuck it in the microwave for a few minutes. This results in lovely wilted spinach and the kitchen smells like roast dinner from the carrots. Grand!

Plenty of veg and protein to last me at least a few hours…

images (3)

Oh and I have also changed my protein bars! Trying out the R Bars from Reflex. Kind of tasted like mashed potato on first mouthful (they are made with peanuts amongst other ingredients) but by the end of the bar I am a convert! So long Quest – hello R Bar! You can get them online.

download (4)

So – there’s my musing for today. I’m off to a wine tasting tonight but I’ll be skipping into the gym tomorrow morning…. maybe.

C xx



Stop changing stuff

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