And when things go REALLY wrong

You know… a while ago when I was busy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on an evening, I was talking to my mum and she said – “you need to read your own blog again Cat, that will get you motivated to eat better”.

Seriously Mum… I’m really busy


Well anyway – see what I wrote yesterday about giving yourself a break from time to time? HA! I went to Nando’s last night with Chris, he had all the carbs and I had… chicken with fino coleslaw aka no carbs. HOW restrained does one want to be? DEAD restrained.

images (1)

Well don’t be too impressed… I’m currently melting the last of 5 celebrations in my mouth. Oops. And it gets worse… I made chicken and cabbage and broccoli and hummus for lunch and hastily launched it into my bag this morning. Had my 0% Total yoghurt for breakfast with the ever amazing nuts n more protein enhanced peanut butter but the lean behaviour ends there…

Do you ever get these overwhelming cravings or urges to eat certain foods? Well I had one of those today and there was no way cabbage was going to fix it. See ya later cabbage. Hello brioche roll with gruyere cheese and ham….


And I don’t even have a chance to balance it out tonight with a nice light salad and little gym session because I am going with the girls to a mulled wine festival. Pah! SEE – this is why I didn’t drink for most of last year. It can be difficult to be very very lean and still have a raucous social life. However, sometimes it is worth it.


Speaking of sacrifices – did I ever share this with you? This is great…. and it is DEAD true. I know because I have had abs (Note – HAD).

Anyhoooooo… there is no point sitting around moping. We’ve got mulled wine to drink! But how do we keep the balance? Well I will tell you how I will do it. Guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow morning? Yep – you guessed it. Cabbage. Mmmmmmmmmm. The lunch that I avoided today.


Well if I want to drop some of these chocolate lb’s and look bangin’ in my christmas onesie I can’t be smashing the croissants from now until ho ho ho time.


Tomorrow will be a strong day of lean food, gym session with Andy and then heading out for dinner with Chris to celebrate the start of our first holiday together. Cute. (Oh as a sideline, when I asked on Facebook today what people wanted me to write about someone asked how Chris and I met. Long story short = Instagram friends, both sick before the Ironman Wales, both finished Ironman Wales, he lives in London, I invited him to my celebratory “I totally crossed that finish line party”, he pounced on me, the rest is history)

(Ha — he is really going to hate that)

download (1)

Really though, if there are certain aspects of health or training or leaning up you want me to write about then just give me a shout. I am not a professional but I know what needs to be done for the most part. Sadly some of it involves an awful lot of sacrifice but that’s ok. I have sly ways of making it more bearable.

Some of my secret weapons include:

  • slimline tonic with lots of ice and wedges of lime (feels like an actual drink in a bar)
  • 90% Dark Chocolate – seriously hits the spot with a cup of tea or coffee
  • COFFEE – ditch the lattes, get used to white americanos
  • Protein bars – I like Quest – feels like an afternoon treat
  • Total Greek Yoghurt – mix in cocoa powder and stevia for chocolate pudding
  • Avocado – feels naughty – is actually very good for you and very versatile (I can feel a “20 ways with avocado” post coming up)
  • Packets of seasoning and good sea salt (anyone who says sea salt is bad for you can jog on – food tastes rubbish without seasoning)


Has this post gone a bit random? It has hasn’t it… DAMMIT. Oh well, hopefully it is still useful. Oh and Annie – healthy snacks – as a general rule NOTHING you find in airports or WH Smiths will be healthy. I will do another blog post about snacking soon. You have inspired me.

Chris and I are going to North Uist (tiny island off the west coast of Scotland *snigger* he has no idea what he is letting himself in for #raincoldwindrainmorerain) for 5 days next week… he just sent me this:

This is the fitness plan for the beaches in Uist … bodyweight fun!


Star planks

Close grip press-ups

Press ups

Pike push-ups

Overhead lunge


Side plank (with leg raise)


Good god………..

images (2)

Think of me tomorrow morning when you are eating something delicious and I am eating cabbage. Do not make my mistake. Eat your prepped food.

C xx

(I seriously need to stop laughing at the memes I find – office colleagues think I am strange)

And when things go REALLY wrong

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