The First Cut Is The Deepest

Waaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa….. Back to work… Waaaaaa… No more chocolate coins for breakfast… Waaaa… No more champagne in place of water…. Waaaaaaaaa


*Sigh* Well not only is this my first post of 2016 it is also my first post in about a billion months (exaggeration still going strong you’ll be pleased to see/hear). That song reckons the first cut is the deepest… aye whatever… try the first 7am alarm pal.


So what’s new? Actually quite a lot is new. We know I met a booooy. That is still going very well. If you missed it on Instagram/Facebook yesterday then you should know he brought me flowers and a rotisserie chicken as a gift. Well – I don’t really need to say anything else on that one do I? Macro friendly presents, aye ok. Ooooh there it is, MACROS have been mentioned. Yep, I promised I’d be getting back on it and here I am. I am a lean mean spiralizing machine. (Well – I will be as of tonight).


With 2015 well and truly behind me it is about time I briefed those of you that give a damn on my recent findings. If you have been following along over the past year you may be aware that early last year, actually it may have been mid 2014(!!), I was pretty lean. 18% body fat and 10st lean. Hands up who thinks I am still that weight?



Exactly. So it turns out I am now 10kgs (1.5st) heavier than I was at my absolute leanest. Bring on the mental anguish, the guilt, the self loathing. But actually. I am ok with it! This is seriously strange. With a history of food disorders and low self esteem I should be throwing my lunch up right now and sitting in a mild sweat of panic. But I’m not. I’m really ok. In fact I am more than ok. It seems that old saying “Learn to love yourself” actually has some grounds. I had a fabulous Christmas break with my family and loved ones. I am not going to feel bad about that.


Has anyone made New Year resolutions? I don’t really buy into the resolution. I prefer goals. So without further ado here are some goals that I would like to achieve…

  1. Master the chin up – this one isn’t getting away from me. I have been working on and off towards this goal for 18 months. This is it. This is the year I will do it!
  2. Squat twice my body weight – given I currently cannot squat AT ALL this should be interesting. Cue lots of foam rolling and stretching to get my hip flexors working properly.
  3. Bench press my body weight – Best shift those 10kgs ha.
  4. Deadlift 1.5 times my body weight – I reckon this will happen first
  5. Run 2.5km in 10 minutes – I tried this yesterday and I was 14.5 minutes… oh and nearly throwing up
  6. Start some serious long distance swimming – this has a bit more background to go with it…


I can’t remember if I mentioned it but I was contemplating my next big challenge post Ironman? Well…. I have got it into my head that I want to do a massive swim. Like properly massive. Like 21 miles massive. 12 hours constant swimming massive. No wetsuit allowed massive. Go and Google swimming Loch Lomond if you are interested. HOWEVER – this is going to take more than a year to train for so I am being realistic and will set some distances to achieve throughout the year. (More to follow on this).

Did everyone have a good Christmas? I did. Really good. I ate and drank whatever I fancied. Who is contemplating a new year “detox” or crazy gym attendance? How about instead of that we all hold hands and charge into the rest of January with a refreshed lifestyle? That sounds like such a load of bollocks. What I mean is, instead of smashing it for the next week or so, maybe we can spread it out and make life a little easier?

download (1)

A friend of mine helped me sort some calorie and macro goals yesterday. This ties into my basic plan to get back into 4 pack abs territory. But not only that. I want to avoid the “look hot in a bikini” quest and instead focus on serious fitness. In my head that means I will be chasing the goal of being the strongest, fastest, fittest, leanest, fruit and vegiest (yeah you heard me – VEGIEST) person I can possibly be. I hate hypocrites and I will always tell the absolute truth so prepare for some major honesty….


When I first started this blog I was still struggling with mild bulimia. I was still occasionally binging and I was struggling to find a balance between seriously healthy eating and the occasional treat. It would often turn into chicken and broccoli five days a week followed by a mammoth Friday binge and blergh. I haven’t told many people about that but I want you to be under no illusions when it comes to body composition and lifestyle.


This time though we are going to do this properly. Health and Happiness. When you think about it isn’t as simple as it seems. Can you be healthy and happy? That’s what I want to learn. Starving and depriving myself of a glass of red wine with my lushy flatmate on a Friday night doesn’t make me happy. Never having a slice of birthday cake in the office doesn’t make me happy. Finding a balance is going to be vital.

download (2)

A few people said they were looking forward to my posts being up and running again. That was great to hear. I hope to give them a bit more structure going forward. Today I just had to get some stuff off my chest. Now let the games begin.

So, my name is Cat Macpherson and I am 28 years old. I live in London. I am 5’7 and 75 kgs (nearly 11.5 stone). I wear a size 12 top and currently a size 12-14 trousers/jeans. I have studied nutrition and I have completed a full distance Ironman. I am in a relationship. Over the next 12 months I will be lifting weights, running miles, cycling miles, swimming km’s, walking to and from work every day and incorporating yoga. My diet will be a cycle of high carb and low carb days. I will be avoiding any seriously processed supplements with the exception of whey isolate. I will increase carbohydrate intake during peak cardio periods. I will allow myself wine and cake and chocolate as and when it seems reasonable. This should see me drop between 8 and 10kg’s and get the abs back up and running.

If you want to join me then shoot me a message. I will be sharing my recipes and my workouts and my high points and my low points. Total honesty.

Enough of that! I bought a spiralizer! I am going to make loads of weird curly stuff out of veg! I am going to Lidl tonight to buy fish and chicken and veg and other bits and pieces. The post tomorrow will feature my weeks food prepping and my workouts. Lucky lucky you!


Seriously though – call/text/Facebook/Instagram/email… I can chat food and fitness 24/7 so let it flow and let’s get this show on the road…

C xx

The First Cut Is The Deepest

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