Lads lads lads

Well, wasn’t that a turn up for the books. Tuesday morning (actually I think it was afternoon by the time I was ready to hit publish – what a mong) I’m sitting in my pyjamas writing (ranting) about what it is really like to feel pissed off or upset and still try and stay on track with training and diet. I’m sitting writing and thinking “Cat this is complete crap, no one will read this, you’re not even making sense. Write something coherent about cooking or something you moron”

Lo and behold – you guys loved it! How’dyalikethemapples?! Mint! So, you bunch of legends, after a super strong week on the PMA (positive mental attitude) and amazing words of encouragement I thought I would spend some time writing about stuff you boys might enjoy. Don’t stress yourself girls. In my world girls eat what the boys eat and girls train like the boys train. Unlucky Ken, you’re gonna have to share that T-Bone with Barbie.

Right! My friend Tom! Tom is a “unique” friend. I actually just laughed. I am hyper aware that my mother reads this blog and I therefore can’t describe Tom the way I really would in normal life. As a result let’s say this, Tom is pretty masculine (i.e. disgusting), has a “decent” body and likes to eat “man” food. HOWEVER, Tom also parties, travels, works full time and doesn’t have a PT. Meet Tom…

I tell you… it’s tough having male friends sometimes.

So, Tom messaged me the other day to give me grief about how HE is the chilli master. Yeah ok Tom, dial down the macho a little please darl, this is MY blog. Sadly, he had a point and actually it’s quite a good one! Remember what I was saying about the whole carbs for training etc? Well – Tom trains – he trains to look good naked. Fair play to him! As a result he largely focuses on meat…aaaand meat…. oh and then he eats some meat. Once he’s done smashing steak for lunch…

Exhibit A (and yes… he is drinking out of a goblet *rolling eyes*)

He works his ASS off…

uygfitf hgy

Do you know what that black vest thingy is? I’ll tell you. That’s a WEIGHTED vest. In other words he did that workout wearing (I am guessing here) the additional weight of a small child on his back.

MAKE A POINT CAT. Here it is. The title sums it up. There is a real culture amongst men that drinking is “manly” and eating huge meals is “manly” and cardio is for “girls”. Yeah? Well you can take your culture and you can shove it…


I eat huge meals, I do cardio and ok fair enough I don’t drink THAT much anymore but guess what? Tom does all of the above (calm down pet – we know you squat a billion kg’s too). So do a number of “hench” (what a word) guys I know. The girls do too. So, I vote we all stop this peer pressure crap and we start embracing the reality of food and fitness. You want a leaner body? Eat your protein and smash your cardio/weights. You want to enjoy food? That is possible too.

I went out for dinner last night with my sister and Erin (you should all know who Erin is by now). We went to Chicken Shop in Kentish Town. Clue is in the name folks. This place has one thing on the menu. Chicken. Whole/Half/Quarter (obviously we got 1 and a 1/4 between three people – I had nothing to do with this decision – “Maggie I’m staaaaarving, one whole chicken won’t be enough!! Waaaaaaa”). I ate the chicken and the chips and the corn and the coleslaw and the salad and the brownie and the apple pie and when the waiter asked if I wanted ice cream or cream on the brownie I said “both?”. Yeah! That’s right! Lads lads lads…shoot me now. My point being, don’t fall victim to the whole “oh my god you’re on a diet how boring” chat. It’s not true. You can train friggin’ hard and you can eat well (We heart protein with every meal) and you can have a life. (Please note that yesterday I trained for 1.5 hours in the gym and did around an hours walk).

Look! Here is me! Having a life!

I wasn’t joking…

Sticking on the subject of honesty and the male species – if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen the message I received from a friend yesterday (if you haven’t seen it go and add me – Instagram: fuellingthefoodie). I COULD NOT BE PROUDER. This guy is a prime example of the lad culture. Look I’m not knocking it! I admire a man that drinks warm lager from his boat shoe and has a whatsapp group called “sluts” – I really do…. *deadpan face*. And before you boys start messaging me abuse saying I’m hating on the boys – I’m NOT. Anyway, I’m losing momentum again, bloody hell it’s hot in Camden this morning, this laptop is making my legs overheat. So, you guys say you appreciate honesty, well here it is. I forget sometimes what it’s like to not understand about macros (Macros being the fitness jargon for carbohydrates, protein and fat and we like to have a certain balance of them in our day to day diet). I forget that not everyone knows what HIIT/LISS is (High Intensity Interval Training/Low Intensity Steady State). And you know what? It took me a while to get to grips with the whole “having a life but still dropping fat and getting stronger and faster” thing.

Yes it can be scary but you know what? THAT’S OK. Just like having rubbish days is ok. If you don’t understand what something is then find out. I don’t know everything I’ve told you that before, but I do ok and I do ok because I stuck with it. It doesn’t happen over night. You don’t have to turn into a fitness model overnight and only eat steamed broccoli (seriously I cannot spell this word – EVERY TIME – get stuffed spellcheck!) morning, noon and night.

So boys – getting fitter and healthier is for girls and you can only eat salad?


Did I make a point here? I hope so.


Now then, I am flying to the middle of nowhere tomorrow (google North Uist) and won’t have internet (cue sweating and general panic). So, if the blog is somewhat “all over the shop” then bear with me because I’m going to get some AWESOME (average) photo/video proof of my training (first open water swim – shark!) and I will also be telling some more home truths. Hopefully. Maybe. Ok definitely.

We will finish with Tom’s recipe… *shaking my head at the utter “ladness” of this*

Much “today is my Friday” love to you all – keep sharing this post on Facebook or send it to your friends. I will truly be forever in your debt.

“Is there anymore chicken left?”

C xxxx

Pulled Pork Chilli

2-2.5kg boneless pork shoulder joint.

3 large onions

2 peppers

5-10 fresh chillies

800g kidney beans (drained)

800g borlotti beans (drained)

1kg chopped tomatoes

30g cumin

20g hot chilli powder

15g smoked paprika

1 bulb crushed garlic

Step 1 – Trim the fat from the pork and cut into 1-2inch cubes. Add to large pot with half of the cumin, chilli powder & paprika and MIX. Then fill the pot with cold water until it almost covers the meat. Cook on 160 degrees for 3 hours.

Step 2 – Wash hands relentlessly and DO NOT touch ***** (Tom you can’t say that it’s disgusting – Cat) or eyes as this will cause you severe pain that will only make you want to touch them more.

Step 3 – On a low heat fry the onions, garlic & chopped chillis until soft. Add the remaining chilli powder, cumin, paprika and fry for a further 3-4 mins.

Step 4 – With a couple of forks shred the pork and admire what you have just produced. Add the new mix of onions etc. Add the roughly chopped peppers, beans and chopped tomatoes and stir together adding about half a pint of water and a teaspoon of salt. Back in the oven on 160 degrees for another 1.5 hours, stirring occasionally.

Step 5 – Taste and admire your work. Let sit for 20 mins

Step 6 – EAT

SERVES 1 (No it doesn’t Tom stop being ridiculous – Love Cat)

This may seem like a hell of a lot of spice (a standard sized pot of cumin or chilli powder from the supermarket is about 45g) so you are looking at using 2/3 or ¾ of one of these depending on the spice/heat you want (only 1/3 for the paprika). Let’s be honest, no one likes a boring dish so spice the hell out of it. Better to be rich than bland!! If you have Umami paste then use half a tube when you are frying the onions. This stuff is insane and acts to add ‘meatiness’ in almost any dish.You are left with about 5kgs of Pulled Pork Chilli here. Serves 1 because who in the hell would want to share the masterpiece you have just created. The beans can be interchanged and let’s face it, the more the merrier; protein and fibre packed.


Lads lads lads

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