Smiling is my favourite

“Don’t waffle Cat”

“Make a point”

Ok fine. I will make my bloody point. Here it is.

“Not every day is a good day and sometimes days are rubbish and that’s ok”

Bloody hell even THAT rhymes – what is WRONG with me?!

I really am going to try and keep this post to the point. I actually asked a couple of friends this morning “what shall I write about today?”. I don’t want to keep banging on about how high in carbs fruit is…. ahem

Listen up pop tart…. no one’s buying your “eat clean and live naked” bullshit. We know you probably eat nothing but grilled cod and steamed broccoli for a week before attending that photo shoot. Oh and you can shove your 400 calories and 50g of carbs in that fruit bowl up your sarong

Put your torches and pitch forks down, I flaming well LIVE on fruit at the minute, I’m just saying that if you are looking to achieve a “ripped” bod then those medjool dates and giant fruit salads aren’t your best mate – as much as this chicky may try to convince you.

Moving on…

Ahhhh Will – you never let me down

Right – you know those days when you’re nackered or pissed off or upset or stressed or hungover or craving or bored or angry or depressed? Yeah those days. I’d bet all the money I have (approximately 57p – jokes Mum – I don’t need another budgeting talk) that those are the days you “fall off the wagon”. No one screws up their good intentions when it’s sunny and you’re in your new Nike lycra and you’ve had a green juice as a snack. You mess stuff up when it’s 1pm on a Sunday and you’re on your 4th hour of Netflix and you’ve just gone through three rounds of paper scissors stone to determine who will answer the door in their pyjamas to pay the pizza man.

How do we combat this? Well I have a few things that SOMETIMES help. Not always. I am not a freak. People say to me “I could never be as committed as you Cat” – oh please – just last night Erin turned to me whilst kneeling in front of the freezer and asked where the ice cream had gone…. I tell you, mice these days, they won’t let a freezer door stand between them and their Haagen Dazs – *cough cough*

Fuelling the Foodies arsenal of “do not fall off the wagon”

  • In the great words of Miss Swift – “shake it off” – I said this to @afloralcrown the other day (follow her on Instagram, she also has a blog). What I mean is, ok your boss is a dick or your boyfriend/girlfriend forgot you were meant to be going for dinner with your parents this weekend (again). There is no point ruining all your hard work and drowning your anger in a bottle of wine. Better yet, use it. I did this towards the end of last year when my ex was sending me round the bend. I would go to the gym, get on the treadmill, put it to max incline and sprint until my lungs felt like they were made of gravel. It works. I felt better (thank you endorphins) and my body got leaner… dumping the prick also worked.
  • Feeling lazy and average? Put some music on. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been at work and it’s 5:30pm and the clock has broken and I want to go home but time isn’t moving. Spotify saves my life on a weekly basis. Headphones, playlist, volume up, picture the workout, picture the progress – oooh it’s 6pm! Gym time! (Seriously this works)
  • Embrace the little things. I had an epiphany this morning… and yesterday morning actually. Yesterday morning I woke up and the house smelled like coffee, that meant Erin had put the coffee on, hallelujah. Coffee = caffeine = perkiness = smiles = great day of training. Today I woke up and I was tired and in a rubbish frame of mind. My body was sore from my bike accident on Sunday and I just wanted to stay in bed. Then I remembered I had an awesome breakfast in the fridge and I was working from home. I instantly felt better. Food does that for me. When I say embrace the little things I mean really silly things like putting on lovely comfy clothes after your shower after your workout. I love that. I mean buying nice shower gel to take to the swimming pool/gym. I also like that. I mean appreciating that sometimes you have to search pretty hard for something to get you moving but once you do you will never regret it.

And if all else fails?


So, to summarise, oh actually here’s a great example of the sort of person you don’t want to be… A guy I know always gives me a grief for not boozing – “you’re dead boring” bla bla bla. Yeah ok mate, you crack on. Anyway, he was chatting away this morning about how he is going to give up the booze. Oh yeah? I said. Yeah, he’s sick of wasting money and being fat.

download (5)

So he’s giving up the booze – oh but hang on – he’s got his staff night out on Friday, a wedding the following weekend, a holiday the weekend after that and then something something something… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There will always be a reason to be negative. I can be DEAD negative, just look at this post, waa waa waa…. But sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

Little things, little smile, little stern talking to… winning at life.

Well done to you guys smashing the gym or trying to make smarter choices with your nutrition… and thanks to everyone so far that has liked, commented, shared, whatsapped, instagrammed, emailed and generally supported

I apologise if this wasn’t what you were looking for from me today. I will get my shit together and do a nice post about food and drink and weights tomorrow but I thought it was important for you to know that even though I’ve made progress – I know what it’s like to feel demotivated sometimes.


C xxxx

Smiling is my favourite

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