Does anyone actually care?

What came first? The chicken? Or the egg?

……oh my god no one cares. Seriously. Just cook both and put them on a plate for me thanks.

Ha – sorry, I laughed

So eggs, but first, let’s talk about my training today shall we? No let’s not, it’s dead boring for anyone that doesn’t train or ride bikes. In a nutshell, I got up at 5am and met my “friend” (long story) on the Regents Park circuit. This was the first time I’d trained/ridden with anyone on my bike in London. Now I know why. Drafting (where one bike sits on the back wheel of the other and takes advantage of the slip stream created) is a godsend. This guy doesn’t even train! GODDAMMIT! He was much more powerful than me but whatever, I’ll get him back, carbs! CARBS?! Where are you?! Get in my face! We’ve got amateurs to speed past!

After 60 minutes I admitted he may be slightly faster and I pootled off home to change out of my very sexy cycling gear (aka NOT sexy) and I put my gym kit on to go and meet my marvellous colleague Andrew. Andrew asked me to take him to the gym. Two intervals into a ten minute HIIT session and he soon regretted it. I tell you – I think I might train to be a PT. I was dead good at shouting at him! (Not really going to train to be a PT – just to clarify – I know nothing John Snow). Anyway, FAIR PLAY TO ANDREW. He wants to get in shape and he turned up at 7:30am and he sweated his way through it!

Not Andrew! “Gimme ten more push ups and you can go to work!”

“What are you having for breakfast Andrew?”  —- “cereal” —- sigh…… We have to break that habit sooner or later. But then, behold, a ray of shining wisdom beamed down from the heavens and he uttered the divine phrase “I could bring a couple of hard boiled eggs into work though”


Chicken or egg? Egg or chicken? No one really cares lets be honest. What’s far more important is the fact that both have protein. Protein makes you look awesome. Ok that may be slightly stretching the truth but it’s not THAT ridiculous a statement.

What’s wrong with cereal? It’s just pants ok? It’s processed, sugary, carby nonsense. Sorry Tony the Tiger. You’re crap. (For ACTUAL reasons why it’s rubbish – hit the link at the top and talk to Urban Energie)

So, eggs, dead cheap, dead good for you, dead easy to make…. Don’t believe me? Here is a selection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I have amounted photographs of on my phone over the past 12 months (yes – photographs – on my phone – I must get out more often)

egg 1
Poached, scrambled, on rye bread, on chilli, with hollandaise (NOT LEAN!!), with salad, with oatcakes, with smoked salmon…
egg 2
With asparagus, on toast, with cucumber and avocado for low carb breakfast at work, with pea shoots, as a snack…

So….. I think it is safe to assume I quite like eggs. Let’s do some cooking tips!

  • For perfect scrambled egg use a frying pan. Preferably non stick. Crack 3 eggs into the pan, no need for oil or butter. Keep the heat low and stir them until they start to – funnily enough – scramble. Keep stirring until they are NEARLY at the consistency you want them and then turn the heat off. Add sea salt and fresh black pepper. Done.
  • Poached eggs, people are scared of these, you don’t need to be. Boil the kettle and get your pan on the hob. Empty boiling water into pan and add a good splash (around two tablespoons if you are really new to cooking) of white wine vinegar. Crack your egg into a mug. Tip the egg from the mug into the water. The water should be simmering. LEAVE THE EGG ALONE. Want more than one egg? Repeat the process. Don’t worry if it goes a bit “all over the shop” the main part of the white will stick around the yolk. Get yourself a slatted spoon (trust me, you will be heartbroken if you use a normal spoon and chuck vinegar water all over your toast/spinach) and when the egg white is solid (usually around 2-3 minutes) get the eggs ‘oot the water and onto the plate. More sea salt. More pepper. Ta da! Easy.

Is this helpful? I hope so.

Taking eggs for breakfast is also easy! Just cook your scrambled eggs or boil your eggs (always over cook your boiled eggs? Get one of these – SOME people find them useful and aren’t ten years old… ahem). Once your eggs are cooked get them in the tupperware with smoked salmon or spinach or avocado or cucumber or “real” ham (please for the love of god do not eat wafer thin ham), get it in the fridge and you’re good to go the next day!

Oh and don’t be forgetting the magic of liquid egg whites! I keep them in the cupboard/fridge (depending on whether or not they are pasteurized) and use them for frittatas and cakes. Very handy and VERY low calorie whilst being very HIGH protein. A few people asking me where you can get them and I get fresh from Waitrose or for much cheaper bulk purchasing

A final little piece of imagery in case you needed any more convincing!


I might have to have eggs for dinner tonight actually. Hens eggs? NAH! I’m a “foodie” for crying out loud…. I will be having duck eggs. Yeah. #thatshowiroll


C xxx

Does anyone actually care?

2 thoughts on “Does anyone actually care?

  1. Erin says:

    You’ve inspired me. Attempting poached eggs and asparagus for dinner tonight. Good thing I’ve got my coach right there with me to point out how even I’m able to f up your easy to follow directions :-).


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