How to cope with cabbage withdrawal symptoms

EXACTLY – who on earth would get withdrawal symptoms by cutting out a vegetable? Or apples? Be honest. No one. Because no one would REALLY miss cabbage – well, my mum might, but she grows it and therefore thinks it’s the best thing since… well since something else she grew.

I have a really weird sense of humour #sorrynotsorry

“What on earth are you on about Cat” – THIS

“it’s a great docu for those who just don’t get the whole sugar/manufactured rubbish we get swamped with. They have done a teaching package for schools which I LOVE as its watch a bit/discuss/do work sheets etc. It’s not about giving up completely but simple changes. For Claire – “do I eat the branded museli bar with 34g of sugar or the not so groovy , tastes the same bars with 11g” neither is ideal but on the run simple changes can make a huge difference. First few days can be ordinary but a lot of that is all mental ‘giving up so I must feel awful stuff’  and if u do feel awful then that’s a measure of the crap in your system. Don’t think we suffer withdrawal if we give up cabbage etc! Keep at all your hard work, your blog is great!”

Now this is a message I got from a family friend based in Australia (totally didn’t need to include the bit bigging up my blog but WHAT-everrrrr). She suggested I watch a documentary about sugar that would be of interest to me (because I love all things documentary and all things food – leave me alone!). Now I haven’t gotten around to watching the documentary yet (count your lucky stars or the Sugar Police would be storming your office as we speak) BUT I absolutely love what Alex is saying here. It backs up what we were saying the other week about there being more sugar in a dried fruit snack aimed at kids than there is in a bag of Haribo – whaaaaaaaaaaa?! MENTAL.

Whilst we are on the topic of messages, I have been inundated with messages from people over the past week or so saying how much they love the blog, how inspiring it is, how they want to be healthier and just generally being awesome towards me. THANK YOU.


I had another conversation this morning with my friend Wil – I believe it was off the back of my most recent Instagram post, which, by the way, 40 likes in 8 minutes? Pfft – no biggie (OHMYBLOODYGODLOOKATALLTHESELIKESIAMGETTINGKATE!!)

….ahem, so, Wil texted me:

I love whatsapp – everyone message me please – it keeps me entertained on my walk to work

Now this is a very good question! And it is one we followed up with a brief discussion about WHY? Why do we eat well? Why do we train? Why do we drink plenty of water? Well, I guess it depends really. For me, my motivation comes from a love of food – oh and mild vanity (don’t be rolling your eyes at me!! Everyone likes to look nice!). I actually remember having a funny conversation with a friend once. He trains a lot, a lot a lot, and he’s pretty ripped and I was talking to him one morning whilst lying in bed (separate beds!) and saying how amazing my breakfast was (oats soaked overnight in almond milk with raw almonds, raw pistachios, raisins, whey protein and berries mixed in – 1000kcal dream bowl). I was saying I was going to HAVE to go out and train now whether I liked it or not because there was no way I could eat stuff like that and then sit on my arse.

A standard Saturday morning in chez Cat – NOW GET OFF INSTAGRAM AND GET ON YOUR BIKE

This holds true for a number of people. People workout to look good. Yes? Then you have people that workout because they really enjoy it. Weirdos. But not really! Trust me on this one. Ask yourself WHY. Ask yourself WHAT it is you really want. I had another conversation this morning with my friend Laura (seriously – I don’t know how I don’t trip and fall flat on my face walking to work – stop laughing Jess – it was ONE time in Newcastle and it was ten years ago!!!). So Laura want’s to get leaner. Join the club mon ami. But she didn’t know what she was doing wrong. My advice? Besides emailing Urban Energie? Think about WHAT it is you really want. WHY do you want it. Make a bloody list! I love lists! In fact I think we will do one shortly.

I love the gym

Back to the cabbage – people approach change with an air of “oh my god this is so crap”. STOP THAT! — PMA People! — That’s positive mental attitude to you and me. Don’t like smoked fish for breakfast? Then don’t bloody eat it! Have something else. Don’t like going to the gym because it’s full of people you work with/live near – go at a different time or go for a walk.

So to answer Wils question: What keeps me motivated? A few things, let’s do a list!

  • I like food – a lot – if I didn’t workout/train/sweat I would be fat
  • If I were fat I wouldn’t be very happy – I like my body lighter and leaner
  • I like feeling happy – the fact training releases endorphins (Hiya! Happy chemicals in your head!) only adds to the “let’s go to the gym” equation for me
  • I feel proud when I see progress: whether it’s heavier weights on the barbell or faster times on my running
  • I learned which foods I like that would keep me looking lean – VERY IMPORTANT
  • I focus on the positives. People saying I am inspiring them. People telling me to keep going. People wishing me well. You know who you are!
  • I have learned that it is hard work. Believe it or not this really does motivate me. When you are sitting at home or you’re hungover and you don’t want to go to the gym and you just want to order pizza. Okay maybe one weekend in a while this is to be indulged but overall you have to fight the fight. There is no point sitting wishing you were this or wishing you were that. Sometimes it’s a damn struggle. On those days I give myself half an hour (reality = an hour) to sit and faff around or snooze and 99% of the time after my little wallow and mental battle of “but I just want to stay in bed” I am generally ready to get on with it
  • Oh and lastly – music – get involved. Spotify is amazing (oooh maybe we could have a fuellingthefoodie playlist). If I am really not feeling it then I get some music on that I know always makes me wriggle around and then I’m ready to go and smash it.
Clear the squat rack – Above & Beyond just came on

Not much food in today’s little blog I know. Sorry ’bout it. I put some real nice pictures up on Instagram though – fuellingthefoodie – go follow me! There’s even some collages #faaaancy

Drop me a line if this helped in any way shape or form.

Oh and a big thank you to everyone that has been in touch recently – writing this shiz for you guys

C xxx

How to cope with cabbage withdrawal symptoms

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