Mind over matter

I meant to write about this yesterday. Then I texted a friend saying “shall I write a blog post today or have a little rest?” – he said “have a little rest” – I did not take much convincing. Considering I couldn’t even spoon chocolate powder into a carton of milk after my bike session because my hands were shaking I think it is probably wise that I lay on the sofa and watched, in fact what did I even watch? I know it was rubbish. This is what happens when you can’t be bothered to switch the HDMI cable from the Apple TV to the DVD player. You end up watching whatever is on Netflix aka. total crap.

So mind over matter. I’d like to dedicate this to TWO people actually. Towards the end of last week I received some seriously lovely messages from a lady I have never even met. STRANGER DANGER. I don’t even care if it’s stranger danger, she’s a gem. She found my ramblings via Instagram (of course she did – I essentially dominated ALL the #hashtags last week in an attempt to get a billion followers…. I have around 300 – close enough). So, she asked me to write about said topic “Mind Over Matter”.

errrrrrr yeah…. ok internet…. I have no idea what you are talking about. Nice bendy spoon though.

So, ignoring the parapharabladiblaablaacleverstuff and moving on from bending inanimate objects with our mind I will get to the point. Sometimes we can be completely overwhelmed by challenges/goals/targets that we end up building them into these huge looming terrifying thoughts. Let’s start small and take the weights section of the gym. DAMN SCARY area if you don’t know your dips from your curls. I actually have a good story about this. Last year I was dating a guy that was a member of a seriously fancy gym in Canary Wharf. Feeling pretty smug about my new found knowledge of reps and sets I agreed to go with him one evening after work. Now, you know that gym in Dodgeball? The massive shiny one where everyone is beautiful.

Yeah that’s the one…. Dwight – you dick

Well – that is essentially what this place was like and to make it worse I went in with ZERO plans of what I was going to do and I essentially warmed up, stared at the squat rack, stared at the mat area, started to sweat because I was sure everyone was looking at me, wandered around, fiddled with my phone, found the guy I was with and then threw an almighty wobbly tantrum and left. I’m not even joking. In fact, I may as well be honest, I burst into tears. SEE! Told you I was a wimp!

Pretty low moment in my fitness life – ha. But it’s fiiiiiiiiiiine, because I went back to MY gym where I knew the system and I felt comfortable and I carried on. Yes pushing boundaries is important and yes stepping outside your comfort zone is important but it’s absolutely ok to take it one step at a time.

So my lovely new friend on Instagram is dreaming of doing an Ironman… but she is scared. GOOD! It’s a scary thing! I get asked an awful lot what made me decide to do it, we have already discussed that so I won’t get into again but it was something I built up to. Kind of. People still think I’m mental because I haven’t run a marathon and I’d never ridden a road bike. Whatevs. I can ride one now and I’m stronger and faster than ever. It is literally mind over matter. I wanted to do it so I ignored people raising their eyebrows and I got on with it.

Don’t worry about it mate – neither do I

If you’ve been following me from the beginning you will know how much I train. It’s quite a lot and I always say how much I love it. However, sometimes I don’t love it. For example this weekend I didn’t want to train at all. I just wanted to flounce around the house in my sweat pants and eat cake. I whined about it to various individuals (#attentionseeker) and eventually a friend of mine sent me this

Pretty good huh?

But the important thing is… it worked. I gave myself a verbal shake and I went and sorted some stuff out (ahem…baked cakes) and then I got on my bike and had one of the best training sessions I’ve had on the bike yet! (Highgate Hill? Highgate HELL)

This kid will do an Ironman one day – fo’ sho’

It’s a hard one to write about to be honest because it essentially comes down to the individual and what it is that’s scaring/freaking them out. For some people it’s the fear of judgement, for some it’s the fear of failing, for some it’s the fear of physical pain and for other’s it’s just a huge lack of confidence. BUT – you have to start somewhere.

I’ve been told a few times now that I’ve “inspired” people. That’s amazing. Seriously. If you are one of the people that has said that to me then you have no idea how much it means to me. Jeez this is getting a bit weepy isn’t it! I’m not trying to be weepy! I just want you all to realise that you’re made of WAY stronger stuff than you think.

Triathlon, exercising, Ironman, running – doesn’t matter.

A final example of what can be achieved if you just embrace the “mind over matter” hurdle. My mother hates running. She always has done. Like REALLY hates it. A few years ago (sorry Mum but I don’t remember the exact year!) she wanted to do something for her mother, my granny, because she was very ill. My mum signed up to do the Great North Run. She completed it. Next year she did it again and then she ran some more races. Anyway, a long story short… in 2013 she ran the Loch Ness Marathon. She RAN the whole thing. Oh and then she decided to climb to Everest Base Camp. No biggie.

I am running the risk of losing you guys here with the lack of food chat and recipe sharing but I wanted to write this for anyone that needs a little shove. Whether it’s to sign up to a coaching course (ahem – you know who you are), enter a triathlon, join the gym, go for a run, start lifting weights, take your own food into work….. Just have a go – it might be scary but stick with it and if it’s REALLY scary then drop me a text and I’ll come with you! You can laugh at me crying at mile 3 of a 10 mile run (yeah that happened too).

A word of advice to finish on…


For my new friends Lucy and Abi – you’ve got this….

C xx

Mind over matter

2 thoughts on “Mind over matter

  1. Lucy D says:

    Hi Cat,

    Firstly – I have to admit that despite being heterosexual, I am in love with yours abs – bloody outstanding. Keep up the instagram selfies! Secondly, I wanted to ask if your training gets in the way of any dating/boyfriends in your life? Or if you have encountered any males who get a bit put off and testosterone-y when they learn about your training?

    I think you will smash the Ironman; you’re an absolute inspiration and I really enjoy your blog – hopefully I will become inspired enough to get abs half-way as decent as yours!



    1. Lucy – hahaha – it’s 9:26pm and I’m in bed and I’m laughing my head off – thank you for your message. Like I said though, the abs are only there spontaneously! 😉
      With regard to dating and boyfriends… I don’t generally find it to be a problem no, that may have something to do with the fact is rather date a guy that was into the same/similar lifestyle? And let’s be honest Hun, if a guy feels intimidated by a girl doing some weights, he’s probably a bit of a dweeb, but… Each to their own.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! Thank you for your words of support! Keep in touch! I love getting feedback. ☺️ xx


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