Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – apparently

Today is a very very sad day. For TWO reasons. A double whammy. Firstly, at training last night I had zilch zero nada strength, in fact I was so rubbish my coach sent me home 20 minutes early. In his Spanish accent “Cat, wot are you eeeeating? Tell me what you aaate yesterrrrrday (roll the rrrrRRRrrr)”. So I told him and he just stared at me. Then he said “go home – I cannot trrrRRrrain you more today”. Oh dear. Teachers pet no more Macpherson. But all is not lost! I went home, ate a lot of food and went to bed early and I will no more be lacking in energy for training. Problem with your energy/motivation? Determine the cause and fix it. Bosh. Mine boiled down to too much walking and not enough carb-ing. Who would have thought eh? “Go and eat some carbs Cat” – errrrrrr ok!

Far more importantly though – I think there is something wrong with me….

....what the bloody hell is that?! LEFTOVERS?! Get out....
….what the bloody hell is that?! LEFTOVERS?! Get out….

I was really looking forward to that this morning! Old faithful of Quark, chia seed jammy stuff, almonds and oats. I have NEVER not been able to finish my breakfast. I must be ill. Call the bloody doctor.

Moving on! ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. I thought about this last night/this morning whilst cooking and boxing up food and trying to take a half decent picture of my backside in the mirror (wearing jeans mum – it’s ok I promise). Over the past 16 months I have come across a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of people that have inspired or given me food for though (that’s a metaphor guys – actual food would obviously be better). Let’s start with my Aussie pal from down under… Miss Chocolate Chilli Mango. ( She actually wasn’t my pal – I don’t remember how I found her but I’m bloody glad I did. She does protein baking like no one else and she’s nice and she responds to emails and her food is friggin’ amazing. If you want to break your 4pm chocolate habit then I strongly suggest you get her protein baking book and get your oven preheated. It will save me the embarrassment of STEALING HER RECIPES and forgetting where they came from. “I’m flattering you Viv! Don’t throw that spatula at me!”

I know I go on about Instagram but honestly, it’s really good. It can be tough sometimes when you’re starting out and you want to be healthy and all your mates are taking the piss and no one understands why you’re suddenly bringing weird lunches into work or spending Sunday evenings grilling chicken or only drinking slimline tonic in the pub on a Wednesday night (try this, kind of feels like a real drink – I know it isn’t, but trust me you will be glad if you cut down on the booze, it’s essentially a fast track to a better body). But I loved following people that were talking about training and food. Probably because I like talking about it. If you DON’T like talking about it then follow someone doing something you DO like. Follow the pro-athletes or the chefs or whatever you find inspiring. I change a lot of fancy recipes to make them fit into my weekly mission of lean meals that support my training. Oh I’ve just remembered I promised to write about steak and chips! Wait there we will get to it…

Just don’t be this guy…..


Steak and chips! Girls, do you know how to cook steak properly? I thought I did. I WAS WRONG. Here is a foolproof method. Get a griddle pan (please tell me you know what a griddle pan is….. oh for gods sake)

This is a griddle pan – mmmkay?

Ok we have the griddle pan. Put it on the heat. Do NOT put anything in it. Leave it on the heat until it is smoking hot (like your body in six months when you join #teamurban – eyyyohhhhh!). I mean really bloody hot though. To test how hot it is put the palm of your hand in the middle – jokes, seriously don’t do that – throw some drops of water at it and they should sizzle like mad. Ok, steaks, pat them dry with kitchen towel, pick off stuck bits of kitchen towel, rub a little oil onto the steak if it is fillet, leave it alone if it is rump/rib eye/sirloin. Salt them, a lot, with real sea salt. Pepper them, moderately, with real freshly ground black pepper. Ok now you can put the steak in the pan, gently press it down. NOW LEAVE IT ALONE. Don’t turn it, don’t touch it, just leave it alone. You want it to sizzle a lot – if it’s getting too smokey open the damn window. Ok, has it been one minute? Yes? Turn it over – oooooh – marvel at the caramelised crust and general professionalism of your cooking. Now leave it alone again. One more minute, this is where it starts to depend on how you like your steak. You need to consider the thickness of the steak and the resting time. One minute on mega high heat for a 2cm thick steak will give you rare. I’m not telling you how to cook it any other way because I do not agree with it….

……….ok ok – HERE!

  • Blue: About 1 min each side
  • Rare: About 1½ mins per side
  • Medium rare: About 2 mins per side
  • Medium: About 2¼ mins per side

That’s for a 2cm thick sirloin – bump it up by 30 seconds for something thicker and don’t forget to rest the meat. You want to take it OUT the pan, put it on a chopping board and leeeeave it aloooooone. Rest it for half the time you cooked it (this goes for ALL meat by the way). I don’t have any images of my home cooked steak but if you want an absolute beast of a meal go to The Bull & Last near Tufnell Park. They do a Cote De Boeuf for two people and it’s mind blowing. I had it the other week – looksie here

The Macpherson sisters like steak... Especially greedy Maggie - my hero
The Macpherson sisters like steak… Especially greedy Maggie – my hero

Ok, chips! I want to try these! – if anyone does these will you let me know how they go? I think I will try them tomorrow night.

Now this is getting loooooong so I’m going to finish on a bit of pride – for me – sorry, but it’s MY blog.

Little faaaanfaaaaaare…….

I hope you don't mind me using this Clint!
I hope you don’t mind me using this Clint!

Errrrrrrrrrrr – how amazing is that?! Clint and I are only really friends through friends, isn’t that right Clint? What a lad though – #teamawesome – or actually you could become part of #teamurban – even better!

Ok, enough for today, I need to try and finish this breakfast…

..where's the cake when I need it....
..where’s the cake when I need it….

C xxx

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – apparently

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