Asante sana Squash banana……

No I haven’t lost it… here is a fact of the day. Disney fans, The Lion King? Rafiki’s song? WELL IT ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING… Behold:


My Google history is WEIRD. Bananas though – love em or hate em they are a blummin’ miracle of nature. I won’t bore you with all the facts but instead provide a lovely little link to some of the benefits –

However, bananas are also carby little natural sugar loaded bombs. Consumed at random (one guy in my office prides himself on eating nearly 4 a day – that’s just daft, and he ain’t no Gerard Butler, if you know what I’m sayin’). So we like to keep these monkey treats for hard training sessions. OR we wait until they are awful and squishy and half crawling into the bin and then we smash them up and bake them! Mwah ha ha! Death by cake to you Mr Banana!

But how do we make itttttttttttt – like zees!

You are totes welcome
You are totes welcome

Seriously try it. It’s yummy. You can also add random stuff like walnuts or cinnamon – ooh actually I forgot the cinnamon! Put half a teaspoon in!

I think it is important to eat cake. I also think it is important to look forward to meal times. If we don’t enjoy our meals then what’s the bloody point. We may as well get some of those nutrition bag thingies from the hospital and give up. What is life without food? Damn depressing that’s what.

………..oh my god – maybe I could add peanut butter to the banana bread


Another thing I make every single week – I know, I’m pretty exciting aren’t I? Is… Chia seed jam. Ready for this? Make sure you read the recipe properly. You don’t want to mess this one up.

A monkey, that hasn't eaten all the bananas, could make this....
A monkey, that hasn’t eaten all the bananas, could make this….

Now that stuff is seriously brilliant and so easy I can do it when I’m hungover AND wearing pyjamas at 10pm at night. Why chia seeds? They go all gloopy and thicky when you add them to liquid so you don’t have to faff on with that pectin nonsense. No thanks Wholefoods I don’t want to spend £78.95 on your mango chia seed pudding for breakfast. That’s what we call daylight robbery. This will cost around a tenner to make an entire batch and it will last all week. That’s we call economy. Or genius. Or clever. Or all of the above.

So get down to Lidl and buy some berries guys. It’s really berry good.

… she didn’t – OH YES I DID.

Hope everyone is loving Monday. I am. Little Miss Positive Pants over here in the corner.

Look at this guy! He loves Monday too!


Jam packed post today…


Fine I give up. Mondays suck.

Let’s talk chips tomorrow. Steak and chips. I’m cooking for my beaut friend Lisa on Wednesday. Lucky lady that she is.

Much love! C xxxx

Asante sana Squash banana……

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