“This is for… never letting me blow bubbles in my chocolate milk!”

Little quote from the rather epic 1991 motion picture ‘Hook’ for you there… (there is a reason for it)

Happy Monday y’all – “y’all” – I definitely can’t carry that off. Nor can I carry off the “Love Life! Live it to the max!” Monday cheeriness. But hey ho, it’s better than the usual Monday blues depresso talk you get. Speaking of depresso, I saw that on an ad this morning at some trendy little coffee gaff on my walk to work this morning (just casually drop that in there, 3.5 miles I’ll have you know). Yeah, they were saying their coffee acts as depresso (geddit? depressed? espresso? *sigh*) or something. For Monday blues. Whatever. Just give me the day off. Sorted.

Moving on! Big weekend this was! Anyone unfortunate enough to have me on Whatsapp or Instagram will be well aware that yesterday I decided to go to the pool and swim the full Ironman distance. Aka: 3900m, or 156 lengths, at my pool. NON-STOP. *high fives all round*. I did it in 90 minutes, some might say I nailed it. Now I am not one for trumpet blowing but on this occasion I’m gonna! When I started swimming again properly in October of last year I couldn’t swim more than 2 or 3 lengths without wanting to drown, I couldn’t stop breathing out my nose which meant I kept choking and I couldn’t do the three strokes and breathe technique. 6 months later and I can swim 156 lengths without any form of break and this week my wonderful friend (and ex-pro swimmer) Erin will be teaching me to tumble turn.

Now, the name of the blog is “fuelling the foodie” so I will get onto more exciting topics… like chocolate milk! As usual, Sunday rituals (I have BOTH days of the weekend devoted to little rituals #saddo) involved a food shop. As I am monumentally skint at the moment (we can thank the taxi driver that smashed me off my bike last week causing £400 worth of damage for that) I decided to go to Lidl. I love Lidl! Chicken? Check. Ridiculous amounts of veg? Check. Free range eggs? Check. Frozen berries? Check. A lot of milk? Check. Those are constants. Then in the 40 mile long queue (I exaggerate, but really, it is madness) I was standing trying to avoid eye contact with anyone and found myself staring at the Nesquik. Bloody Nesquik! Phenomenal stuff! Oooh, no wait, what’s this? LIDL OWN CHOCOLATE MILK MIX. Get…in…my…basket. Quick scan of the nutritional information – GOLD!

Chocolate milk I hear you cry? Yes! Loads of it! But only because after my 3900m swim (non-stop!!!! Did I mention that yet?!) I then went onto a 90 minute 90rpm spin on the bike. That averaged a calorie burn across both training sessions of nearly 1800kcals. I had already been sold the wonders of low fat chocolate milk post training by my jolly wise friend Mr Braniff. So, home, 2 pints of milk (told you I was greedy), 4 teaspoons of powder, shakey shakey. Party in my mouth.

Moral of today’s ramblings? Don’t be fooled into thinking new age products are going to be better for you. That chocolate milk gave me my carbs, my protein and my childish satisfaction in one super cheap super efficient consumption. I didn’t need electro/carby/whey/casein/pro/longtime/bla bla luminous yellow nonsense. Milk and fake Nesquik. Grand.

Kudos to Urban Energie once again for this gem.

As always, much love, C xxx

P.S. If anyone would like to know WHY the chocolate milk was so beneficial then just drop me a line. I joke. Go and email Urban Energie.

“This is for… never letting me blow bubbles in my chocolate milk!”

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