Saturday Rituals….

I didn’t write anything yesterday, I think that’s ok given I only started this three days ago – no one likes a show off. So, I thought I would mumble a few words about weekend training and, funnily enough, EATING.

I heart Saturday Kitchen – I mean I really love it – I have it on series record. What?! Actually I am watching it right now but I had to pause it because Tom Kerridge is making some monstrosity and his accent is putting me off. I was never good at writing or reading with background noise. Anyhoo! So, Saturday rituals. If I am at home on a weekend and I am not trying to conquer the crowds at Borough Market (if you don’t know about it, google it, then get there when it opens or prepare to die in a crush of duck confit sandwiches) then I am more than likely trying to get out of bed at a reasonable hour (I used to be really good at this but recently I have struggled – I don’t even have anyone or anything to blame), training, eating poached eggs and drinking coffee. Social life and everything else happens in and around those three things.

I like this little ritual. Before I started training properly I used to get up, make a seriously non-lean breakfast and then generally laze around before inevitably going on a massive night out. Nothing wrong with a massive night out! I even have one coming up – dum dum dummmmmm…. Anyway, the funny thing is, people say to me “gosh you’re so disciplined getting up and training all those hours, eating your veg, you’re so healthy” bla bla bla. But it isn’t about that. It’s what makes you happy. I love food, ergo, I have to train. Training doing something I love, be it weights, out on my bike, swimming (I would say running but secretly I hate running) means I get to eat more food.

I think it is a shame working out/training/exercising/lifting/sweating – whatever you want to call it – has been made into this thing we HAVE to do. My sister is a great example, her Saturday ritual now features a class at Psycle. Psycle is essentially a really lovely glammed up spinning class, BUT, the changing rooms are posh, you get big fluffy towels and they have made it feel like a treat rather than an absolute nightmare. She then goes for some kind of atomic looking green juice with her friend before heading off to enjoy the rest of her day.

Don’t make it such hard work. When I first really started changing my diet and training, I walked. Yeah really. I just downloaded Spotify (I am seriously App know-how challenged), got myself some really nice skins (aka lycra leggings) and put my trainers on. I walked the 3.5 miles to work every day. MASSIVE difference in a matter of weeks.

My gingerbread green tea is starting to go cold now and Tom Kerridge needs to finish telling me how to make something with 40 litres of double cream so I will leave some little bullet points with you (I have been told these are popular).

1. Pick something you will look forward to doing not something you feel you should be doing

2. Incorporate good coffee and nice breakfast food (poached eggs and smoked salmon on lovely seedy toast is my preference – skip the butter)

3. Keep doing it – make it your ritual

Much love! C xx

Saturday Rituals….

2 thoughts on “Saturday Rituals….

  1. Strong advice. I have an obsession with my Playstation. I love it. I will literally spend hours playing on it. I could have been an amazing table tennis player. If I spent my whole life learning how to the best table tennis player in the world, I could have been the best table tennis player in the world. I didn’t. I played Playstation. Unfortunately, there are gimps out there who play more than I do, hence why you’ve never seen me listed on the top 10 PS4 players in the world list. I digress… I realised that Playstation did not help me from a fitness point of view. Go to the gym and exercise or sit on my arse and play playstation. It was clear who was winning. Then, an epiphany… I rolled that exercise bike at home, out of the garage, and into the house, and more importantly, in front of the Playstation telly. Ta da.. 2-3 hours on the playstation also included 2-3 hours on the bike. Wanna play playstation? no problem, just ride your bike whilst you do it. Personal agreement made with self. Mission accomplished…Maybe I could get into the world record books for continuous bike riding and playstation playing..


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