Staying Strong(er)(ish)

You know when you’re asleep and you suddenly wake up or jump because you feel like you’re falling? That’s essentially what just happened to me. Except I’m at work… and I remembered I was supposed to be writing every day this week. I always said I would only write stuff when I felt the “urge” to do so i.e. I actually had something to write about. Well let’s see what floats to the surface this afternoon.


The main headlines tonight: I fought the greed last night and won – aaaand I will be training with the England rugby team soon.

Ok maybe not quite training with the England squad – BUT – I am going to do some training sessions with Tom Wright (insta:tomwright_fit) who trains at Reach Fitness in Clapham and James Haskell sometimes trains there so that’s basically the same. Bit like the time I met James Gandolfini… LIES… he was sitting at a table in the restaurant I was in.


Those headlines are boring as shit aren’t they? Well what do you want me to say? At least I didn’t succumb to the leftover tagliatelle or the sharing bag of popcorn #progress. Man alive it’s hard trying to tame my appetite for …. ALL FOOD, but Neil is watching (that’s creepy – he isn’t really) and I promised myself I would kick the “eat anything and everything” habit for a week to try and snap myself back into ‘lean mode’. It is actually going pretty well. I use myfitnesspal app – anyone else use that? I think it is a bit marmite for some people. You love it or hate it. I love it. If I am trying to hit some calorie and macro goals it is very very helpful.

My fridge is broken 24/7 365

Take last night for example; dinner was poached eggs and smoked salmon on seedy type english muffins ( – these are AMAZING). After dinner though I was still hungry – or maybe I was bored – either way I wasn’t satisfied and Sons of Anarchy wasn’t distracting enough. A week or two ago I would have been all “meh whatever I’ll have [insert any food]” but last night I was all “no Cat – be smart here, you studied nutrition for gods sake, pick something good for your body”…

…fresh mango, total yoghurt, peanut butter. Three of my favourite things and fortunately all within reach last night. So I went over my calories – big deeeeeeal – at least it was with good food and not a bag of processed crunchy air (popcorn).

images (1)

Oh my god as if I didn’t mention this earlier. I met up with Alice this morning, my new bff at my new gym. I found Alice on Instagram after looking up my new gym on there to see if there were any cool people to train with. Alice is super cool. She can do weird balance things on park benches (aliceinlondnland) and she loves a bit of lifting. So we were larking around this morning with 1 rep max (heaviest you can lift only once) on leg press and deadlift and it turns out I CAN deadlift more than my own bodyweight – eyyyohhhhh! This was awesome news! 80kg IN—YOUR—FACE deadlifts… So that’s now the benchmark.


It also made me realise I get too hung up on maximising my time in the gym, yes it’s good to get in, smash a session and get home but if you ENJOY something then it doesn’t necessarily have to be straight faces and seriousnessessessss 24/7. We had a grand old time just picking heavy stuff up and putting it down. It didn’t matter that it was twenty sets of 192587 reps or whatever. I should chill with my OCD more often.


Should everything I write have a lesson learnt or a moral or whatever? Are ramblings interesting? I dunno.

C xx



Staying Strong(er)(ish)

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