The After Life

How bad is this… it has been so long since I wrote anything on here that I couldn’t even work out how to FIND my blog. That is shocking.


Hi! How are you all? Buzzing about Christmas? ‘Course you are. I am. Two Christmas films down already. I’m not even ashamed. I love dat Christmas stuff.


So – as I said – it has been a while hasn’t it. How about a quick round up of events? In the last two months (TWO MONTHS?!?!?!) I have:

  1. Got a boyfriend – oooooooh! He is called Chris. Everyone say hello. He also did Ironman Wales – course he did – and he is very nice.
  2. I have started a new job. This new job means I cannot name brands nor can I discuss certain things like sugar, cough, Jamie Oliver, cough, soft drinks, cough. I am now the PA to the CEO of The Food and Drink Federation. It’s great!
  3. I have been dead sick. No not really. But I have been plagued with virus after virus and I am still coughing. Doc says I have chronic fatigue. Now in my mind that reads as stay in bed and eat cake 24/7 until I am better. Sadly this is not the case and instead I just have to take it easy on the training front and eat loads of veg. Is cake veg? No. #FML
  4. I have decided to take a year out from Ironman. Originally I was dead set on signing up to another one next summer but I am going to spend a year paying off debt (don’t try and tell me I’m not extreme……..), going to the gym, getting dead strong, cooking loads of protein cakes and just generally smiling. Smiling’s my favourite.

So – that’s you all up to speed. Shall we talk about food and training now? Lord. I’m not sure we should even go there. Let’s just say I have made up for my mega healthy, mega training 12 months. In fact, as I type this my fingers are a bit sticky from the Chelsea Bun I just smashed into my face. Oops. Not oops actually. It was fantastic.


But SERIOUSLY. It is time to get serious because getting fat and lazy only makes one depressed and sad. So, seeing as my Freddy jeans no longer fit (I actually turned to Chris at the weekend and said “I am sure they have changed the way they make these jeans… they don’t fit properly anymore” – HA! Dream on Cat – fortunately Chris likes me as I am and is happy provided I feed him chocolate and let him hold my hand. Bless. VOMMMM). So I am back in the gym with Andy, remember Andy? Blonde Adonis that does my weight training? Course you remember Andy. Well I am back in the gym and working on getting some muscle back. A lot of mine has atrophied (read: GONE) during the Ironman endurance training and as a result I have a lot of work to do.


Food – hell….. it has been SERIOUSLY hard to kick the sweets and lattes habit. Makes me laugh because I am drinking a flat white RIGHT NOW. Look, it is cold and dark outside and I ain’t walking home with half closed eyes and a rumbling tummy. Ooh yes! Walking to and from work is back on the cards! It’s great to be doing that again actually. 300 calories a day burned just by commuting! Grand. That’s a Chelsea bun right?


But seriously food. I am slowing getting back to my weekly food prep and my lower carb higher protein meals. It’s harder than I remember so anyone out there struggling with the lure of the Christmas sandwiches versus the satsuma (as if there is even a contest there) then come and join my gang because I am determined to look smokin’ hot in my festive onesie come Christmas day. We are going to eat the protein and lift the weights until then though.


So I’ll keep this brief given it’s my first post since IM (Ironman – it’s done now – let’s try and move on). Questions, chats, comments – throw ’em at me.

………….Damn I missed my memes…

Merry Chr-only joking…….

Cat xx

The After Life

5 thoughts on “The After Life

  1. murphy13 says:

    thought about you yesterday as i was chasing Fran around Egham on our first training ride…. i have fully stolen your protein cake recipes (Fran liked it btw as i took some with me)….. enjoy the rest, it will be beneficial in the mid term….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mel says:

        Absolutely would love a training partner! Am off on hols for ten weeks to the Pacific, but will email when I get back and then I can chase you on the bike 🙂


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