Where art thou mojo?

Man ALIVE this week has kicked my ass…

Not the sexy kind… the “GO AND TRAIN YOUR ASS OFF” kind

There is something strange going on. Symptoms include:

  • Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning
  • Trying to stop myself eating cheeseburgers every night
  • Not wanting to train
  • Feeling generally a bit “meh”
Exactly my man…. exactly

I guess the good news is. I think I know what is causing it…

  • Time of the month (sorry boys – that’s science)
  • Dehydrated (my water intake has been lower than normal for some reason)
  • Not fuelling myself properly (fruit and yoghurt is not dinner Cat – don’t be so lazy)
  • I stayed up late every single night last weekend


See what I mean? All those little things that you think don’t make a difference. They do. They make a bloody massive difference. Especially to someone like me who is temperamental at the best of times. Fortunately, not training just isn’t an option for me right now. We have 9 weeks to go until Ironman (prepare to be bombarded with requests for sponsorship #sorrynotsorry). That means I absolutely 110% have GOT to train every single day except my one rest day a week.

So – mission “find mojo” is underway…

Dr Evil you’re a right dick… do you know that?

It’s funny how when we are feeling a bit “meh” we are still able to support others around us. Just yesterday I was talking to someone that was struggling adapting their lifestyle to being healthier and I was making suggestions on how to make things easier. TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE CAT YOU EEJIT. It can be really bloody hard though can’t it? You’re tired. You’re skint. You’re hungry. You don’t want bloody veg and fish for dinner. I know. Like I REALLY know.

download (8)

Then you go Instagram or Facebook and some nob has posted about their 5:30am workout and their superfood smoothie and how awesome life is. Yeah yeah shut up you #cleaneating jerk.

How I feel about people eating better and training harder than me…

But hold it right there! I just had a phone call from my new friend Mr Parker (not Spiderman… I know – I was disappointed too). He asked what I was writing about, I said “everyone thinks I’m this super fit, super healthy freak that gets up at 5am every day and eats organic veg 24/7” – “yeah everyone thinks that about me too because I’m a PT” – “they don’t see us on rest days paying £3.99 to rent a movie on iTunes when you already own it on DVD but you can’t be bothered to get off the sofa and actually put the DVD in the machine and I am trying to work out if I can morally get away with ordering 12 chicken wings as a ‘side dish’ to my mac and cheese”

This is reality guys. Sometimes we are all killing it. Sometimes we aren’t. You just gotta keep fighting the fight. You can read all the memes in the world telling you “remember why you started” and “this is where champions are made”. Yeah? That’s great pal – you gonna go do my three hour bike training session for me? No? Well shut up then.


There is only so much “lost my mojo” blame to go around and we eventually have to square our shoulders, grit our teeth and bloody well get on with it. Because making progress ain’t easy.

Take my friend Mr Parker for example. Ridiculously strong and determined to achieve his physique and strength aspirations through natural methods only (for those not down with the fitness industry lingo, that basically means he will not be taking steroids. Oh. You didn’t realise a lot of people do? Yeah – I know at least two…) He is = “fighting the fight”. One giant 5000 calorie and deadlift day at a time. (Go follow him on Instagram – jparkerfitness – oh and he’s on Facebook too)

Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not running 50,000 miles a week or squatting 4 times your body weight. That’s dumb and it’s negative and you know how we feel about negative vibes…. But at the same time be aware that once in a while you are going to hit the mental brick wall.

download (7)

And that mental brick wall is damn high and it doesn’t want to let you break it down. But you totes can team. You totes can. Hell – YOU’VE GOT THIS.

If you have been to the gym this week or you’ve made your lunches for work or you’ve drank more water or you’ve been walking more. Give yourself a damn pat on the back. If you said no to the biscuits at work or you hit a new personal best then go high five the nearest person to you… You are awesome.

BUT…. if you didn’t. If you watched telly instead of going to yoga with your mate. If you slept in instead of going to the gym. If you drove to the Tesco that is half a mile from your house whereupon you purchased a 6 pack of Miller and an oven pizza. Don’t go thinking you’re rubbish. It’s Friday and sometimes life gets in the way — BUT —- you know deep down that that sort of behaviour isn’t going to get you anywhere very quickly.

Bloody hell there is a GIANT fly in the room. It is so damn buzzy. PISS OFF FLY.

Oh and one last quick thing – did I tell you I stopped taking all my supplements a few weeks ago? I was taking:

  • Multivitamin
  • Omega/Fish Oil
  • Probiotic
  • Green Tea
  • Iron supplement

Well – ANOTHER reason I think I have felt so damn pathetic this week is due to my body lacking certain minerals/vitamins. As we already know, I train quite a bit and when I train I sweat – A LOT. People who train a lot need some help via certain supplements sometimes. I prefer to get them from real food but it looks like the iron levels need upping. (Take note women if you constantly feel tired… could be worth looking into – remember though I ain’t a Dr so go check it out before making any changes)

Ok – I can see my mojo cowering over in the corner so I’m going to punch it in the face and get on with my day.

images (7)
Me – talking to my mojo – #casual

Much love to you all. Smash your weekends.

C xxx

Where art thou mojo?

One thought on “Where art thou mojo?

  1. Kara says:

    Thank you thank you! I’ve definitely been feeling this lately – my training had been fine but I just CAN’T STOP EATING CRAP!! To the point where I’m like, ugh this cutting and eating clean is too hard, I just want to eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE AND ICE-CREAM!!

    Mindless eating is killing my mojo. Gotta get back on it. Good luck with your training, and thanks for a great post.


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