Aaaaaalrighty then!

Ace is ALWAYS right….

Phhheeewwwwwww-eeeeee! What a week! As I write this my current blog views tally is sitting at 298 – 298! Unreal, I’m surprised the internet hasn’t gone down. Kim K takes her clothes off to break the internet, I just write about banana bread. Word.

So what shall we talk about today then?! Well I thought I would first start by pointing to the three little bars in the top right hand corner of the screen. Can you see them? Well stop reading this nonsense and go sign up so you get my posts by email. I know I know, I am essentially Bill Gates in lycra clad female form. (Totally didn’t spend hours at 6am this morning googling how to do that).

Let’s get cracking shall we? Oh my god, there is a fly in my living room and it is driving me MENTAL. I tried to murder him with a rolled up copy of Women’s Health this morning but he was having none of it. Little buzzy creep. Oh yeah, I am working from home today, not just on the skive, best just clarify that. Working from home is great! I am within metres of my fridge at any given time. Very very important when you eat as much as I do. I actually think I am starting to scare people with the amount I am eating for my training. On one day last week I ate 1kg of greek yoghurt. Bahaha. How gross is that?! Don’t copy me. I was being horrendously lazy at work and couldn’t be bothered to engage my brain so I lived on Greek yoghurt and fruit all day. Very bad choice if you are looking to lean down so seriously, don’t copy me.

But WHAT do I normally eat? Well I realise not many people are training for an Ironman but essentially if you are training on a daily basis then you can still give this a read and hopefully get some ideas/be inspired to get some cooking underway this weekend.

Lunchtime. This morning I had a MASSIVE training session. I won’t bore you with the details because only die hard gym-mers want to know my sets and reps but it was essentially an hour of lifting heavy ass weights until I was crying for my Mum and then I had to do a 30 minute tempo run. I think the guy on the treadmill next to me was pretty scared. You wanna see something alarming? Come to Camden Fitness First when I’m trying to smash out 10km/h runs whilst listening to the new Prodigy album. Fierce.

Let’s start at the very beginning…..

……a very good place to start. Ahhhh The Sound of Music. Talk about going from one extreme to another!

So! Whaddya ‘ave ‘ere Ms Mac?! Well I’ll tell you. On the left we have a lovely selection of hacked up sweet potatoes and on the right there we have enough halved posho red peppers to feed a family of a gazillion. Oh and then in the second image we have 1kg of chicken breast, some pots of fancy salt and two frying pans. Ta daaaa. This is how I prep my food. The sweet potatoes got a tablespoon of olive oil (watch Urban Energie give me grief for not using coconut oil – I LIKE IT OK?!) and some sea salt and then the red peppers got nada except some salt. The sweet potatoes went into a mega hot oven (200c) and the red peppers went under the grill until they were turning black. Be braaaaave – the more charred the yummier. Trust me. The chicken got dumped in the pan with no oil at all and got a big pinch of smoked sea salt. TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t cook your chicken. Whaaaaa?! No seriously, cook it until it’s almost done and then get it out out out the pan and into a tub or a bowl. The remaining heat will finish cooking it and you won’t end up with god awful dry chicken breasts. Blergh. (***don’t bother yelling at me about salmonella – I’m pretty sure I have never once made myself ill)

Now dat der food is enough for me forrrr…. let’s be generous and say – 5 days? 5 lunches? Probably about right. But obviously you aren’t all enormous pigs like me and won’t eat bowls of salad this size:

Oh no you didaaaaaaan’t


Oh yes I bloody well did. That was my lunch today. Ha! No not ALL the food in the tupperware but that entire bowl there? Yeah – I ate all that. I’m definitely going to need a nap before I take my girly for a glass of wine at 6pm (obviously I’m not drinking – I’m a bloody athlete, sheesh, come on guys) ——- (I hate my life – I want prosecco)

Now does this help with an idea about how easy food prep is? The night I cooked those ‘taters, chicken and peppers I also made 2 protein banana berry loaf thingies. Time it took to make the whole lot? 45 minutes. Jamies 15 minute meals? Don’t make me laugh. Bring it on Oliver – I’ve got this nailed.

Helpful? Yes? No? Just want the cake recipe? Ok fiiiiiiiiiine.

But before I hand it over (please sir – can I have some more? Yes yes just wait your bloody turn) – remember gang – carbs are for fuelling workouts and training. This cake is clearly epic and will probably change your life but it will still make us fat if we smash it and sit on our bums.

Banana Berry Bonanza Boodlydoodly Brilliant Bake (what the hell just happened there?!)

  • 250g Egg White (again – two chicks from Waitrose or 3 whole eggs)
  • 200g Self Raising Flour (you can be a hero and use wholemeal if you want)
  • 3 Very Ripe Bananas
  • 30g Gold Standard Casein (you can buy this from Holland & Barrett or leave it out if you don’t want protein, why you wouldn’t want it is beyond me but whatever)
  • 100g Frozen berries
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp bicarb soda

Again, you know how complicated I like things to be so here’s how you make it. Is your oven preheated to 180c? Yes? Good…

  • Mash the bananas and chuck them in a big bowl
  • Chuck in all the other ingredients except the berries
  • Mix them together
  • Chuck the berries in and fooooold gently (or you’ll end up with mental coloured cake)
  • Pour batter into loaf tin (line it if you ever want to get the cake out)
  • Bake – cool – don’t eat the whole bloody thing

Wanna know what mine looked like


So, there we go! Sign up for the emails, safeguard your place in heaven by sharing this blog with anyone and everyone (Facebook, Insta, email – help yourselves!) and I will see you guys either sometime over the weekend or bright and early on Monday morning!

phhhhfffffllllpphhllllfffffhppphhhhh (that’s me saying bye bye through a mouthful of cake)

C xxxxx

Aaaaaalrighty then!

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