90% fun…

Right, those of you who know me know I can be a bit…. excitable – yes – let’s go with that description. When I was little my mother made me go for about twenty (more exaggeration) hearing tests because I was way louder than anyone else. My hearing was perfect. I was just EXCITABLE. Jeez mum. To add insult to injury I was told to “be quiet” whilst at the 6 Nations in 2014 (bear in mind I am 28) because I was cheering too much (cheering = shouting abuse at the ref but whatever). In my haze of Magners and egged on by my lairy cousin I responded with the term “oh I’m soooooooo sorry…. I’ll dial it down to 90% fun”

100% fun.... not for long
100% fun…. not for long

Sarcastic little madam…

However, sometimes my exitedededness (what the hell is the plural of excited) manifests itself in my opinions on certain manners. And this isn’t always a good thing. For example, I have little tolerance for BS in the media when it comes to health and fitness. Case in point, half a dozen articles feature in the Daily Mail Online today. Stop bloody judging me for reading it. I don’t READ it – I scan the homepage and mock the moronic “news articles” that are featured. It makes me feel like a better person. Not really, but it is entertaining. SO, one article in particular really grated on me today


Now then, I am no doctor and I sure as hell didn’t make it into Oxford but putting the science aside – let’s think for a minute who will be reading this? What an insane message to send out. Why don’t they just write “Smoking can actually make your lungs stronger” – Get a bloody grip. And to make it even WORSE they had articles about how diet ready meals would get you ready for summer oh and apparently we should be doing the diet that works for our age and lifestyle. *BAM* punching the DM right in the face.

Ok, I feel better now, I had to get that off my chest. And it wasn’t just a random rant! I am asked quite a few questions each day about training or nutrition. Remember though, I am no expert. Not by a long shot. However, whilst I may not hold any actual credentials (besides a very basic course on Nutrition) I do know a little bit in terms of what works for me. Shall we do a little list? Yes why not.

  • Stop reading, or at least stop believing, the media nonsense – the vast majority of it is based on ONE little thing that will most likely be proved WRONG again in a years time (look what happened with the war on Fat – oh shock horror! It is actually good for us in the right amounts/types)
Case in point…. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT http://io9.com/i-fooled-millions-into-thinking-chocolate-helps-weight-1707251800
  • Patience truly is a virtue. A PT I know posted something on Facebook today about being consistently consistent. Sounds like a stupid thing to say but if you break it down it really does make sense. You can’t be “on it” with diet and training one week and then go smashing all the takeaways and all the wines for two or three days and then whine that the diet and training isn’t working. Eat well, train hard, do it again. It can take MONTHS to get somewhere.
  • Give yourself something to work towards. When I started training seriously I made a few goals. I wanted to be 19% body fat and I wanted to be able to do full unassisted chin ups. I got the body fat nailed after around 6 months but I am still working on the chin ups. I’ll be damned if I’m givig up on them! And then of course I decided to sign up for the Ironman. I wouldn’t particularly recommend picking something that extreme but I would recommend having a think about what you really want to achieve and then work your ass off. Then work it off again. And again……

I’ve had a few messages from people now saying they have tried the chia seed jam recipe! I am LOVING hearing from people and I do a little jig of pride and triumph when I do so please do let me know if you like something – even let me know if you don’t like something! Apparently some of my writing can get waffly, if so, tell me! Say “hey, Cat, dial down the waffle by 10%” – “oh ok so it’s 90% on everything now is it?” Joking – I won’t mind really… much… at all…. loads.

So, I didn’t prep my food last night for the week and my flat is a bombsite after hosting an after party (SEE – I do have a life outside training and cooking). Is it sad that I am genuinely looking forward to getting home and cleaning?

…….yes – it is 100% lame

Until next time mon ami…. C xxx

90% fun…

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