Omni…padne….humdy….. Namaste?

Greetings fellow worker bees, I trust you have all had truly tremendous weeks commuting, writing emails and generally living the dream? Yes? ME TOO.

I have been absent for a full 48 hours again, disgraceful. On the plus side my mother is in town and even SHE likes my “blog”. Well that’s that then. No getting away from me now. Mrs Mac likes the writing so more writing will prevail.

Speaking of mother Macpherson – many of you will already be aware that she was in Nepal when the earthquakes struck. Fortunately she was safe and is now home and well. Not only is she home and well but she brought preseeeeeeeeeents! I bloody love presents. Especially now we have it down to a fine art and mum just asks me what I actually want brought back. This years shopping list consisted of the following: a new scarf (they are super soft) and some incense. Incense? Yes – I am wholeheartedly embracing the other side of training and I am going to namaste my way to enlightenment. Perhaps not. BUT – if you haven’t tried yoga, of any form, try it. Especially if you are a bit “all busy up in your head” like I tend to be. It is most beneficial. Plus it stretches your body out reeeeeeal nice. Just don’t feel too sad when you fall off your blocks and the guy doing full lotus next to you laughs. (Didn’t happen. Honest).

Not only did mother bring back the requested scarf and incense (three packs!) but she also brought me some BLACK Himalayan salt (wowsers! I will try some and get back to you), some saffron, a little clay incense holder and a shawl (the shawl was actually a gift from the lovely Kumar, mums trekking guide, I am trying to raise some $$$ to help support his village whilst they try and rebuild their lives – if you wish to donate drop a comment and I will send you the details).

Did you know Himalayan salt is the closest naturally derived salt to your bodies sweat? What I mean is, electrolytes. Yes? Know what I am talking about? We will keep it simple. You go for a run (other forms of training are available), you sweat until it’s pouring off your arms, you go home, you shower, you eat, you drink a lot of water. Very good! However, all that sweat was also an awful lot of salt. We need to replace this salt. This is where pink Himalayan salt comes in handy. A pinch into your water with a big squeeze of lemon juice and your body will be cheering. I am also a big fan of coconut water. This tropical beverage is jam packed with naturally occurring electrolytes and also simple sugars so when you are training hard (which you obviously are – very good, high five) then the carbohydrates and electrolytes are pre-mixed in a coconutty watery cocktail of genius! I get my coconut products from Coconut Merchant ( These guys are amazing. No nasty guff added in. Just 100% organic coconut lush. Get involved.

I must have been scoring heavily on the daughter points recently as I got MORE presents. This time in the form of Maclean’s Oatcakes. I do not expect you to have a clue about Maclean’s but essentially they are a little bakery in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We have a holiday house there (North Uist – potential training and eating camp there next year maybe?). It is essentially water, beaches, sheep and a few houses. Bliss. I digress! Oatcakes! These little beauts are awesome. Oh my god carbs! GAH! Shattaaaapppp… We love them. I get the little canape style ones and they are perfectly sized for smushing avocado into the hollow and then squashing a bit of chicken or smoked salmon on top. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Oatcakes are awesome. They are also portable. No crisps in my bag thanks very much. Sometime last year I asked mum to bring me back a whole box of these winners on her return from the islands. Clearly there was some miscommunication here – she brought me back a box. ONE LONE BOX. I wanted an entire case mother! Jeez! But THIS TIME – we struck gold. 8 whole boxes. Marvelous .

So – Friday again. I am off to River Cottage tomorrow to hang out with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and his good life farmer chums. I’ll take a ton of photos and show you what I ate. Won’t that be interesting! On Sunday I have a two hour bike ride. My Ironman coach doesn’t believe I can do 70km in two hours. Well – my Garmin 910xt is charged and my tyres are pumped to bursting. Bring it on Regents Park (taxis you stay away – I don’t need you trying to kill me again….)

Some pictures! To keep wee Maggie Mac (my sister – say hello Maggie!) happy…. “your blog is great but you need more pictures..”

Much love, namaste, omni padne – zennnnnnnnnnnnn

C xx

oatcakes    incense

Omni…padne….humdy….. Namaste?

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