Green eggs and….. Sourdough please!

Bloody hell I’m tired today… and I’ve got requests coming at me for blog posts left, right and centre. Maybe we should cast a vote? The current requested topics are as follows:

1. Cheese

2. How to go to sleep at night

3. Vegetarian food that doesn’t involve aubergine (sorry sorry – EGGPLANT – pfft) or olives

4. My Ironman training/coaching

Look guys, we’ve got more important things to discuss ok? Like what I had for lunch today. If I don’t write about this now then I will lose my train of thought and all hell will break loose in my OCD mind. “No no wait a minute brain, that was a good idea! Hold onto it! DAMMIT! It’s gone….. sigh….. ok – let’s write about bacon”. Amazingly though, I have managed to hold onto this idea for bloggy (what a word) aaaaall afternoon. Here we go…

Drumrolllllll….. EATING OUT!!

What…a….minefield. Especially if you live in London, well actually it’s probably easier here because everyone is so bloody rude you can just scream at the waiter that you don’t want the croutons on your salad and they will just go to the kitchen, tell the chef you’re American and no one will bat an eye lid. I’m joking I’m joking. Calm down over there Mr and Mrs Yank.

Seriously though, I remember a while ago my lovely osteopath Tali (get used to me referencing osteopaths, physiotherapists, masseurs (not the rude kind), coaches, PT’s and so on by the way) – anyway, Tali, so, whilst ripping the ligaments off my right leg…. ok another exaggeration but ask a professional to strip your IT band and then come back to me. STICK TO THE POINT CAT! So she asked me “what should I eat when I go out with friends?”. Sounds like an obvious question right? So I replied “a grilled chicken breast and a side salad with no dressing”

…….as if. You’d have no mates to go out with if you carried on like that. It is tricky though. Essentially as a rule of thumb I have learnt the following. If you are training/exercising/sweating (sunbathing doesn’t count) that day then you should be including some form of carbohydrate. If you are lying in the park all day or sitting on your backside at work then you need very little carbohydrate. I AM NOT CONDONING LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIETS. For actual science and facts and figures please speak to the professionals – you know who he is.

So, what do I go for? Well today was a good example! This morning I walked the 4 miles to work (just let me polish my halo), then I got to the office and had my usual ‘prepped at home’ breakfast, usual coffee, usual mid morning snack (actually today I was a bit hyper for some reason and got really over excited picking up one almond in one hand and a green grape in the other and stuffing them into my mouth simultaneously like a monkey – coffee must have been extra strong today). 12:30 rolls around and I walk to meet my oldest friend – she’s not ACTUALLY old – I’ve just known her a long time. Let’s name her – Jessica Best – take a bow! She’s East London, bah, she pointed out a bar that doesn’t even have a name and they serve, wait for it, bee bee que….. it’s friggin’ bar-bee-que!!! I digress – Lunch, this place served brunch food all day, frankly that kind of stuff deserves a michelin star in my eyes. One of the menu items was Mashed Avo (trendy buggers) but I was super hungry (standard) so I asked them to chuck two poached eggs on top. Do not be afraid to tailor menu items to suit your mood/requirements.

My point here is this – we all like to eat out. It’s fun, the food is normally better and we don’t have to wash up… However, if eating out is a regular occurrence in your day to day life then don’t kid yourself that three Bodeans (american fat food – it’s awesome) a week is going to lead to a healthy happy lean body. Chicken wings ain’t making no abs. Soz. So, next time you’re staring at the menu or thinking “ah it’s graaaand, I’ll just eat nothing tomorrow” – (Errrrggghhhhhhh – survey says – RUBBISH IDEA). Instead, just tailor it a little. If you’ve been throwing weights around all morning then get the sourdough toast. If you haven’t then have an omelette. If it’s lunch time and you didn’t walk to work (tsk tsk) then have a salad, if you sprinted up and down the stairs on the northern line twenty times then have the salad that’s got sweet potato. See where I’m going with this?

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Here’s a picture of my lunch. INSTAGRAAAAM!

Much love, C xx

FullSizeRender (3)

Green eggs and….. Sourdough please!

2 thoughts on “Green eggs and….. Sourdough please!

  1. LG says:

    Veg food looks great!!! To mix it up try a light spread of Vegemite or marmite on the toast before you add the Avacado mash. Mmmmmmm. Thanks for the blog post 🙂


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