I had to google how many zeros were in a billion, that’s almost as scary as the figure itself. Speaking of figures (no pun intended – lies – it’s a great pun), that amount mentioned there in the title was the projected spend within the weight loss industry for 2014. I cannot be the only one that reads that figure and find’s it hard to believe? BILLIONS – BIIILLLIIIOOONNNSSSS…. Just let that sink in.

What’s my point? Well it’s lunch time, that means I get to eat more food. Highlight of the day, you think I’m joking. Anyway, on the tube journey of doom to work this morning I was that really annoying person reading Stylist when someones face was essentially pressed up against my shoulder – PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE! – so, reading Stylist and there are 4 pages devoted to this whole ‘Protein World’ debate. Now don’t start waging in with your feminist POV’s – that is not my point here. My point is simply this – why are we spending billions, lining the pockets of dickheads like Arjun Seth (Sorry Mr Seth, but you are undoubtedly a dickhead) when the obvious answer is staring us in the face? I remember reading, no, watching a film clip about the most powerful dieting tool – Our hand. The hand holds the fork, the fork spears the food, the hand is raised to the mouth and we as a result get bigger or smaller dependent upon what food was speared upon said fork. Protein shakes, juice cleanses, detox teas – NO! Do not buy into that!

I’m at risk of going off on a tangent here but basically, I said this blog would be about training and food and I’ll be damned if I write a load of opinionated nonsense and end up like every other social networking nobhead (sorry for the swearing Mum). My training and foodie/nutritiony life over the past two decades condensed into a random assortment of words would go as follows: diet, stress, count, monitor, obsess, stress again, starve, binge, bit more stress and obsess for good measure oh and let’s finish with another diet. When I say diet I mean “Atkins” I mean “Weight Watchers” etc etc. I’ve been there and I have done it and I know how it feels to yoyo and feel disappointed. Anyone that has seen my instagram (for the love of god don’t follow me mum) will be well aware that I have spent the best part of 18 months really going back to basics with training and food. I spoke to professionals (See Mr Braniff for actual online coaching) and I banned the phrase “I am on a diet”. The result? Well, it depends on your goals, but I am pleased.

So, lunch time and a prime moment to “feed” (god I am on fire today) into my next post which will be all about food prepping! My god, calm down people……

(for anyone not aware – I have a shameful amount of food selfies on Instagram – catmac1987 – we will discuss some of those another day)


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