About time they said….

Well I finally got round to it, palms are definitely NOT sweating right now. Never having been a fan of judgement and a regular on the “oh my god who cares what she had for breakfast” (oh the irony – do not bring up my instagram account, I know, OK?!) scene, I have finally decided to, yes, write a blog.

Why? Well apparently I have a way with words and I can knock together half decent “healthy” meals in the kitchen. Funnily enough I am fairly certain there are a number of others that hold these attributes but I am hoping to bring a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to the “fitness blog” entry. What the hell am I talking about… basically I want to cut all the detox, spirulina, bee pollen nonsense and write about things that I have found interesting along my “journey” (URGH!) to a stronger, leaner, happier body. Sunshine, protein lolly pops and squats. Ta daaaaaa…

So, first few hundred words written, I will now tootle off back to my 9-5 and dream up something exciting to write about later on. 100 ways to make broccoli appealing – oooooonly joking. C xx

About time they said….

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