Big Daddy

I’m noticing a pattern that quite a few of my titles sound really weird. Take today for example; it is actually referencing the popular movie ‘Big Daddy’ with Adam Sandler. I am going on the assumption most people have seen that movie. If you haven’t then you really need to asap. So there’s this scene where they go to McDonald’s for breakfast. But they’ve stopped serving it. Sandler goes mental and shouts “AAAAAHHHHHH – HORSE – SHIT!!!” at the top of his voice. Well Chris and I have now taken to shouting this every time something isn’t completely as we expect or want it to be. This could be anything from “babe we can’t order Dominos again… it’s not good for us” to “we napped for 3 hours – now it’s 6pm and we haven’t done anything”.

Both of these examples did actually occur at the weekend. After being plagued with London’s worst cold (Chris two weeks ago – me last week) we were both on the road to recovery but not quite 100%. The napping occurred on Saturday afternoon. The Dominos conversation occurred on Sunday at around 4pm – *cover your ears Tom* – we ordered Dominos. Mwah ha haaaaa. F***ing sue me OK? I turned to Chris and said “would you still love me if I stayed this body shape forever?” *as I stuff pizza in my mouth* – Him = “eh?” – “well if I didn’t get super ripped again would you mind?” – Him = “are you joking? I’d be buzzing if you looked like this forever. You’re gorgeous”. BLESS. Pass the sick bucket!


Point of the above conversation is this whole learning to RELAAAAAAAX around food is actually going better than I originally thought. Ok I haven’t dropped the 10 kilos I want to – dominos and deliveroo may have something to do with that – but I have been ill and all over the city/country with work and I enjoyed my weekend (took full liberty with the free mars bars on offer at the swim event on Sunday – FOUR in total are now in the fridge… well actually three ‘cos I ate one). I missed a full week of training last week. I drank wine, I ate chocolate, I had pizza…. it’s all ok. This week I will try harder to eat something decent, I’ll be training, I won’t be drinking. Yin and yang. Etc etc. As we already know; these things take time.

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HOWEVER – and here is a good lesson to be learned. Just because you THINK you are letting yourself down or not making progress etc etc. Hold fire. During the swim on Sunday I felt slow. Like really slow. My form took a while to relax, my breathing was a mess, I was zigzagging around the swim course like a mental bumblebee trying to get out of a small room with no windows. I was horrid to myself for a lot of the swim “you’re so slow – get a move on – stay on course – swim faster”… turns out – I WAS EXACTLY THE SAME PACE AS I WAS FOR IRONMAN LAST YEAR. Which, if you don’t mind, isn’t bad.


Considering this was my first open water swim of 2016 I reckon that’s pretty good. Few more pats on the back for my tortured little brain. Stuck my tongue out at the nasty demon in my head telling me I am rubbish and proceeded to be awesome. As much as possible.


How was your weekend? Few vinos? Few BBQ’s with too much mayo and cheese on the burgers? Too many pizzas? Well it’s life innit. Tom (trainer/coach/guru) had the most mental sized pizza I’ve ever seen on Friday, however, Tom was in a calorie deficit from a hard week of training and therefore earned that pizza. Damn him. This is where I/we need to get to I guess. Then it’s pizza for dayzzzzzzzz. Ha.


Made some nice food at the weekend though! Well, I think it’s nice, Chris think’s it’s gross. Shut up Chris. AAAAAAAHHHH – HORSESHIT! Ha. You can’t get mad about stuff without laughing at that sentence.So I had a bunch of cooked chicken in the fridge and I hate throwing stuff out. I was also in dire need of some veg (NOT veggies – stupid word) after feeling like crap all week. So, cooked chicken breasts, broccoli, spinach, reduced fat cream cheese, parmesan, frozen peas, ham…. Chuck everything in a tray, thin the cream cheese with some milk, pour over the veg with some spring onions and garlic, sprinkle on the parmesan. Result = chicken and veg a la non boring. I just had some for lunch. Tasty.


Heading up to North Uist next week. PSYCHED. Gonna run around on beaches, sleep, catch up with family. Cannae wait. Asked Tom to write me a beach training programme. Bring on the broad jumps and the lunges. Dad is gonna laugh his irn bru oot his hand watching that spectacle. Ho hum.

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Half a quest protein bar for coffee break in two hours. Urgh. It’s so far away. I love snacks. I could snack 24/7. I don’t even LIKE quest protein bars any more but I bought loads and need to finish them or Chris the accountant will throw me out for wasting money. Humph.


Gonna lift some really heavy stuff tomorrow morning though. Actually can’t wait. Gonna do some skipping too. Pow pow – see ya later Dominos….

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C xx

Big Daddy

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