New Shoes

I had a light bulb moment on the way to work this morning. Like a proper “wow… that is seriously interesting and wise” moment. I felt like grabbing the guy on the escalator and shouting my epiphany in his grumpy, sweaty little face. Obviously I didn’t because I was marching up the escalator two steps at a time – feel the buuuuuuuuuuuuuurn.

c Just working out on my commute – don’t mind me

TING! Lightbulb moment went like this. See how people talk about buying new gym clothes to moticate you to go and workout? Well I have always thought this was pretty much a load of bullpoo. You could give me solid gold leggings and there would still be moments I’d rather lay on the sofa and watch Sex and the City on repeat (Carrie, seriously, be more annoying please). Anyway, solid gold leggings wouldn’t work. That’s just stupid.


I took yesterday off work to go and get my bike fixed and also learn how to change a tyre. Yeah that’s right. I’m doing an Ironman in less than 60 days and up until yesterday I didn’t know how to change a tyre. Quit your mocking – at least I’m honest. Now you know I haven’t been feeling on top of my cycling game recently? Well yesterday was a big test for me. This will be irrelevant for most of you but to put it into perspective I have had an irrational fear of riding in rush hour for as long as I can remember after reading about so many people being killed. Morbid I know. Serious stuff though. Yesterday morning I rode from Camden to Putney through Central London, IN THE RAIN and I didn’t get knocked off my bike. This essentially equates to winning gold in Beijing as far as I am concerned. I got my bike sorted (cyclists of London you seriously need to get to Velosport in Putney – tell Bruce I sent you) and then I rode home. Actually scratch that, I didn’t “ride” home – I FLEW home… at one billion miles an hour on my new tyres and saddle. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Outta my way!

Now let’s turn this into something you guys actually give a shit about. You know when you get new shoes and there’s something about wearing them that just makes you feel GOOD? Same with when you get anything new really. New car = wanting to drive EVERYWHERE, even up the drive to collect the post. New telly = recording channels you would never normally watch just because you can. New moisturiser equals this…

download (12)
Mrs Doubtfire = top 10 movies

So – what I am saying is. Don’t let you mind be fooled into thinking you don’t want to do something. Or you are rubbish at something. Or you can’t do something. My gorgeous friend Abi is convinced she is too slow on her bike to get round the course in Wales in the allotted time. I refuse to believe this. We just have to find the key to getting her a little faster.

I honestly think that something as simple as feeling GOOD or COMFORTABLE can drastically improve your A game. In fact I know for a fact that if I look and feel good then I definitely do a better job of winning at life. That’s pretty obvious but it’s IMPORTANT. If you feel worried or shy about starting something because you think everyone is better than you then pack it in (Geordie for STOP IT). Just roll up your sleeves and crack on. I must read a thousand posts a day on Instagram about “no regrets” and “not starting something is your failure” or some other motivational hoohar. When I signed up for Ironman I’d never ridden a road bike. I kid you not. I went out and bought one and I was dead honest with everyone about my lack of knowledge. You have to be! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Terrible idea

The result of my spanky new bike is I now want to ride it everything – all the time. I might just sit on it at home tonight and gaze adoringly at the new handlebar tape. (Seriously what has happened to me? I used to have flowers in the house not greasy bike wheels). What I’m saying is, if you are lacking in “oomph” to get to the gym or to prep your food or to walk to work or whatever… try getting new lycra, try getting new tupperware, try getting new headphones (I can highly recommend Bose as the best in the industry as far as I am concerned). Little things can have a huge impact on your day to day fitness and nutrition.

On my totally awesome new bike saddle – what do you mean you’re not interested?

Again I hope this is helping in some shape or form? I should really dedicate this post to Lucy Wheeler (follow her on Instagram = lucy_fitness). She is smashing the fitness and healthy eating and she posts some brilliant stuff. She is also phenomenally supportive. Always checking in to see if I can go to one of her trendy fitness classes or asking how training is going. These are the people that improve my day to day training.

Another newbie fuellingthefoodie fan is Miss Annabel Tatnall. Keen to improve her health and fitness game she has sent some awesome requests my way so watch this space for more eating ideas to keep the nutrition dream alive.

I’m off to Tenby this weekend to ride some of the Ironman course with my girl Abi. This will be the first big test to see how scary September 13th will be.

You think I’m joking… this is me on my Sunday “post 100km bike ride” running session

I still find it strange to think I am actually doing this. Two years ago I couldn’t be bothered to run the Great North Run. Oh actually that reminds me – my neighbour Emma trains in my gym and I saw her there the other night. We were discussing her upcoming bike challenge and she said “oh but it’s nothing compared to your Ironman” – ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH OF THESE COMMENTS. I mean it. The reality is I needed something TERRIFYING to really get me to commit and shake me up a bit. The distance is irrelevant.

Oh and if you are sitting reading this thinking “I hate running and I have no interest in doing any sort of marathon or organised endurance event/competition of any form”. I hear ya. I am not really into this stuff either to be honest but you can surprise yourself. I was always bored reading “sign up to a a fun run and you will enjoy it”. No I won’t actually – I’d rather go for unlimited prosecco brunch than organise myself to run alongside thousands of people for “fun”. The funny thing is… that is totally fine. Something eventually will click for you, you will start training or exercising and you may hate it and see it as a drag but something after a few months will click and you will find something that you love and look forward to. Just keep going until that light bulb moment appears – and then let me know when it happens. It is a great feeling.

download (13)

Thursday love you to all you heroes.

Keep being awesome.

C xxx

New Shoes

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