It’s a wonderful wonderful thing

John Torode – I will find you… and I will smack you with a whisk if you utter that phrase on Masterchef one more time. LEARN A NEW COMPLIMENT YOU FREAK.

What’s the matter John? Was that not so wonderful?!?!?!?!?!?

Well no surprises here, the girl that series records Saturday kitchen is also a Masterchef fan. Bit more than a fan – sometimes I watch old recordings, you know, just for the fun of it *deadpan face*. Laugh it up you lot! “Cat how did you learn to cook?” – “I watched tv”. Yes really! I learnt that turning a chicken upside down halfway through roasting keeps the breasts (snigger) moist (more sniggering). I learnt the importance of resting meat (rest it for the time you cooked it, wrap it in foil to keep it warm if it’s a whole bird or joint of beef etc). I learnt putting ice cubes in the bottom of the hot oven when you put bread in to bake creates a better crust. Shall I go on? I am full of these random tips.

So I was watching Masterchef last night (after watching that top 10 British favourite meals with the hairy bikers and the highly irritating Lorraine “used to be a model yeah bloody right” Pascal) and I was struck by a thought to write about —– STUFF.

A whole myriad of things led me to this blog entry actually. Starting with the tube journey home from training with Fran (Ironman coach) last night. I saw this:

Let’s ignore the advertisement for home delivered Pizza East (London thing – sorry)

This is an article about the growing trend for workout apps – nothing new there right? But THIS one is zombie themed! Bloody hell! I can’t imagine anything worse! Have you ever tried to play any form of contact sport with me?! I just squeal and sit on the floor because I can’t handle the adrenaline rush. HOWEVER – if you ARE into the “sprinting down the road pretending you’re going to be chopped into little bits” type thing then crack on! I actually think taking exercise back to it’s primitive form could be the next big thing. A bit like we moved away from fancy pants cooking and started embracing the gastro “big chunk of meat on a plate” type dining. What I mean is – when you go to the park in the summer and you launch a frisbee around pretending you know what you’re doing – THAT IS EXERCISING. I know right? Mental.

Moving on – remember my friend Andrew? The one I was shouting at in the gym earlier this week? Well he messaged me this morning…

Speak no evil monkey to the rescue

Now look here… This is a big deal. On Tuesday this week he was saying “gym twice a week and no drastic changes just yet with my diet – one step at a time”. Next thing we know, he’s going to the gym on his own! HA! Go on Andrew! Smash those fat cells! Next think you’ll be rocking up to the office with more Tupperware than me! (Physically impossible – look what poor Erin has to deal with when she comes home every night)

I would have been a millionaire if I’d been around in the days of the tupperware party

I think we will take this theme and run with it. We already know I am a massive fan of Instagram – well these resonated with me *prepare for rolling of the eyes from cynics and negativazis worldwide* (just made that word up – MINE!)

STOP THAT! I see you! Skim reading this and not taking on board the message!

Now this is particularly poignant because yesterday morning during our gym session, I was doing 10km/hr on the treadmill to try and get a better time for my 5km and Andrew was next to me cursing me as I raised my eyebrows at him and told him to put the incline AND the speed up for his power walk. He said to me as I knocked the speed up to 12km/hr (just showing off now) “bloody hell Cat – how do you do that?!” — quick trip back in history — I used to run at 9km/hr and couldn’t do more than 10 minutes. That is not an exaggeration. I didn’t even think about it until I saw this “fitspiration” thingy yesterday. It’s true though. Ok you can’t do press ups… YET. I couldn’t run for more than 10 minutes – in 12 weeks I will attempt my first Ironman.

Another one? You got it!

I tell you…. the wiseness.. wisdomness… is just FLOWING from – the internet these days

Oh hold on! I just googled “who is a wise man” to try and find something to go with the above meme but I’ve got something even better! Check THIS out:

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it and never makes that mistake again. A wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether”

Oh my days! That is bloody excellent! Why? Because it proves my point! Don’t be this person:


Firstly – you are already attractive. Secondly it doesn’t woooooooooooork. I have massive respect for anyone and everyone that is doing something to better themselves. I don’t even care what it is. I just think it’s awesome.

I’m getting carried away here aren’t I? But there is a reason – the more I write and the more I post pictures of random crap the more support I seem to get. As a result I had a discussion with Kate (“this is a great banana”) yesterday and I want to keep all my “crew” together. Strength in numbers and all that. So – let’s try something here – I need a “###” (that’s hashtag to anyone living under a rock) or similar to maintain momentum with my little blog. If you like it and you think it is beneficial do me a heee-yowj favour and share it? Kate and I were clearly struggling with our creative flow yesterday as the best we could come up with was #fuellies. You know? Instead of #fitties or #kaylasarmy (no offence Kayla – your abs are banging but you’ve already proved you can make squat challenges #notbitter).

Happy Friday all – if you haven’t already, get your shopping list written for food prep Sunday. We are going to attempt a Blue Peter style “for next week you will need half a Fairy washing up liquid bottle and 40 lolly pop sticks” style post soon. In other words I will tell you what ingredients you need in advance and then I will VLOG (good grief…) myself making whatever it is I deem easy enough. Unless of course you have special requests – in which case SEND THEM OVER.

Have an awesome weekend FUELLIES. Oooh that might work y’know.

C xxx

P.S. I know a wise man – have I mentioned that? Don’t keep learning from your mistakes – get ahead of the game….

P.P.S. Potentially looking at running some cooking demos/fitness talks/weekend getaways – does this sound like a good idea? Let me know!

It’s a wonderful wonderful thing

2 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful wonderful thing

  1. Lucy says:

    Toooootally up for a food prep demo! Sounds like a wicked idea 🙂
    Hash tag creativeness is not my forte…#fuelfitties #fuelfittiesfuckyeah ?


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